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By: One Spice  05-Apr-2012
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Whangarei has its own Spice girl!

Julia Page originally from Flint, Michigan has recently moved to Whangarei bringing with her Greek One Spice™ a 150 year old family recipe. The family spice was originally developed by her great grandmother Alena Paraschos in Greece. Alena combined her usual ingredients; oregano, garlic, Himalayan mineral salt, pepper and herbs to help make things easier while cooking for her large family.

The spice was passed along to her son Peter, who travelled the world as a chef using this unique spice combination in many Greek dishes. This eventually led him to opening his own restaurants. Peter’s son, George, who was his third child of nine, worked alongside his father learning all of the family secrets using Greek One Spice™ to prepare sauces, dressings and meat dishes. This ultimately led George to open his own restaurants.

Julia, who is George’s third child of six, spent many years growing up in her father’s restaurants learning how to make pizzas, antipastos, sauces and meat dishes. Then one day Julia asked her father, “Hey, is it okay if I bottle the family spice?”, George said, “Go for it kid!”

While Julia was growing up, she would listen to her grandfather’s great stories of travelling the world; this motivated her see the world herself. One of many places she visited was The Cayman Islands, where she met Matthew Page, a New Zealander originally from Auckland, who ultimately became her husband and led her here to Whangarei.

Julia’s first client first to embrace Greek One Spice™ is Theda and Jack Toia, owners of Vegie Twins, Kamo (below). “I just love the packaging” said Theda. “It has really nice flavours, which will enhance any meat dish”, claims Jack.

Greek One Spice™ is a great addition to chicken, lamb, steaks, meatloaves, salads, roasted veggies, eggs, soups and in many other dishes calling for this type of spice combination.

The company operates out of the Whangarei Golf Club. The product is available to purchase at Vegie Twins and Bin Inn, Kamo… with more to come.

Julia will also be participating in the local market days.

Greek One Spice™ is certified by NZ Food & Safety Authority.

Keywords: Spice