Electrician gets product pulled over copy-cat claims

By: One News  05-Apr-2012

  • Source: ONE News

A major Waikato company has permanently pulled a product off the market after a young electrician accused it of copying his invention.

TV ONE Fair Go reporter Libby Middlebrook, who covered the story, said Josh Collins pitched his specialised tool for electricians, which tests for electrical safety around the home, to a Hamilton distributor.

"They loved it, it all went incredibly well initially, and they talked about ordering about 1000. And then they withdrew their interest."

She said that seven months later, after he was turned down and was just starting to sell his product on the market, he saw an almost identical version of his tool in a magazine.

"It does appear that the company has taken his idea and manufactured and marketed it as their own," she said.

Middlebrook said Collins was devastated and decided to take on the multi-million dollar company over the rights to his invention - an electrical polarity and earth continuity tester.

He got in contact with Fair Go, who then got in touch with the company.

Middlebrook said Fair Go talked to the distributor for over a week, and although it did not make any admissions it agreed to permanently take the tool off the market.

"That allows Josh to move forward with his business and start selling it around the country and he's had a good result," she said.

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