By: Omega Technology  06-Dec-2011

Omega Technology Ltd custom manages projects and  builds software applications for your specific needs.

How we work with Customers

Many customers approach us with outlines of projects that they want to undertake, but without many of the details finalised. This is fine for us, because it is a good time to assess the goals for the project, and decide which technologies or architecture will be most appropriate.

It is a lot more effective in time and money to have the approach correct at the beginning than to change half way through. From this position then, we can provide schedule and cost estimates on the stages ahead.

We can also discuss which parts of the project should be completed by the customer's own staff, and how to manage any technology transfers. Mentoring and training options often complete this.

If the project is agreed, we then start work with monthly invoicing in arrears or stage payments. Our invoicing includes full timesheets and costs of any materials used.

When is the right time to call?

We can provide assistance at several stages of your software project and product life cycles, from architecture and planning, through to design, coding, and deployment.

Other products and services from Omega Technology


project management

With 10 years experience of managing software development projects of all different shapes and sizes, we can help your company stay on track with. Choosing the best approach for your project life cycle eg prototype / waterfall / iterative / spiral models. Software Project Management is a key part of the Omega Technology approach.



Experience with Mobile application programming for Android version 2.Experience with Mobile application programming for WinCE/.Net. We can help you with integrating your PDA/Handheld with server/enterprise applications or a back-end database. Experience with Handheld Mobile Scanners including Bar Code Scanners. Handheld/PDA interaction with local/remote database. Custom applications for handheld computers.



We have a Microsoft Certified Professional in Visual C++ - which means we are experts at designing and developing c++ windows applications. MiFare card reader [Card based Security system. Test jig for wheelchair control systems.



Omega develops for IIS (Internet Information Server, the Microsoft web server) using .NET and ASP. Wide experience with web development using the Microsoft Platform including. SQL Server database development and stored procedures for fast. Custom business components / COM+ for multi tier applications. ASP / COM for legacy platform.



BI/OLAP services for powerful business data analysis and reporting. DTS/SSIS packages for import/export/packaged process. XML based output using SQL Server. Automated jobs using sql agent.