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By: Omax  06-Dec-2011
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October 2011

Solid Form Fabrication, Inc. utilizes the Omax 80X Water Jet for Metalworking & Fabrication at it's finest!

October 2011

APM's Omax 5555 JetMachining Center is used to slice through 2-1/4" thick steel. The machine has the capability to cut through up to 10" thick materials. The company bought it to save $70,000 a month of outside waterjet machining work and to speed up turnaround.

August 2011

Job shops appreciate easy software, streamlined customer service and precise waterjet cuts

August 2011

Waterjet cutting joins BC Cancer Agency�s Genome Sciences Center, and its fight against cancer � part of a worldwide effort to use advanced DNA sequencing technology for a better understanding of the unique molecular profile of individual patients� tumors.

April 2011

The development of micro miniature waterjet nozzles, for instance, has already begun to make the productivity and cost benefits of abrasive waterjet cutting applicable to an even wider range of medical applications, most of which would involve micromachining smaller components.

January 2009

In the metal fabrication business, sending fabrication and cutting work to other companies can be costly and time consuming. The waterjet, however, could be considered the ultimate �in sourcing� machine, as it allows a company to cut countless types of material in all sorts of ways.

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