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By: Olympus/nelson  06-Dec-2011

We can provide the care your property needs to ensure you never have to worry about it, or we can keep you updated daily with the status of your investment. It depends on you, and we're more than happy to meet your needs and desire for involvement. To that end, here are just a few of the things we do when taking care of your property.

Olympus/Nelson is a member of the Houston and National Association of Realtors. We list nearly all our properties in MLS, and we run ads in the Houston Press and the Greensheet. Our agents make sure flyers are available at each property, and we also make extensive use of online advertising through such sites as and our own website.
Our agents will create a CMA and/or consult you on your wishes for the amount at which you wish to market your property. They'll also keep you updated in terms of your activity, and once a week our leasing and sales team has a meeting to go over any problems to make sure your property rents or sells as quickly as possible.

From the moment we receive a move-out notice, we begin preparing for a make-ready to ensure your units are unoccupied for as brief a time as possible. After the move-out, our maintenance managers will walk the unit and note what needs to be repaired or upgraded. Then they work on producing a number of competitive bids to get to you for your approval. After that our maintenance crews work efficiently and cost effectively to get your property in the best shape for leasing/sales showings.

Depending on the property, our maintenance managers and crew perform monthly and/or quarterly inspections. We check for plumbing issues, general cleanliness of the unit, pets, test the smoke detectors, check the a/c filters, and also inspect the general state of the entire property.
When a unit is unoccupied, our managers do inspections both after a move-out and before a new move-in. We also take pictures of the unit to keep a record of how it changes and to ensure that tenants are charged correctly for damages for which they are responsible.

As soon as we receive a request from a tenant, or one of our contractors spot a problem, we work to make sure the issue is resolved quickly. When a tenant has a maintenance request, we ask them questions to isolate the problem, then send a contractor to fix it if possible. Our goal is to resolve most maintenance requests within 24 hours. For those requests that cannot be handled in that time frame, we keep in touch with the tenant so they know we're doing our best to help them.

Olympus/Nelson has both a 24-hour emergency call system and a contract with an answering service. We also have someone on call at all times to respond to emergencies. Any time of day or night, you and your tenants can reach us to respond to your emergency needs.

You want the best tenants possible, and we screen our tenants to do just that. Olympus/Nelson requires credit and criminal background checks on all our applicants, and we also run employment verification checks and look into an applicant's past rental history. Once we have all that information, we can contact you and see if the applicant meets your basic criteria. We also have our own basic criteria we go by to ensure we have responsible, friendly tenants in all the properties we manage.

At Olympus/Nelson, our accounting department meets weekly to go over rental collections to make sure all your rents are received. Should a problem arise, we work with you and the tenant to resolve it, be it with a payment plan, tracking down lost checks, or beginning an eviction procedure. We send regular notices of payment due, and whenever possible our managers will go to the property to speak with a tenant we cannot get a hold of otherwise.

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