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By: Olympic Software Nz  06-Dec-2011

Management of learning is an extremely important and very specific undertaking. Until recently very specific systems were all that was available to look after such processes, but the release of SharePoint 2010 has seen the power of Microsoft utilised to build cost effective, well-integrated and powerful Learning Management Systems. Olympic is excited about partnering exclusively with the below solution providers, to bring these new-age Learning Management technologies to New Zealand.

SharePoint LMS is a fully functional LMS based on the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS 2007/WSS 3.0 or MOSS 2010/SharePoint Foundation) platform. LMS combines most powerful eLearning tools and features such as:

  • Learning Path
  • Tracking / Reports
  • SCORM 1.2 or 2004 compliance
  • Collaborative tools
  • Shared Question Pool
  • Web conference

Why SharePoint LMS?

While our system does not require any technical knowledge it is an extensive multifunctional LMS with numerous of possibilities.

  • Use SharePoint LMS to build multilingual e-learning environment for different departments, organisation structure units
  • From the same online "class" environment, learners can e-mail their classmates and instructors, share files, take notes, receive assignments and join threaded discussions
  • Integrated Office Communication Server conference will help you to organise professionally held live online sessions and webinars with whiteboard, screen and application sharing, session recording and other wide capabilities of powerful Microsoft tool
  • High system security level ensures your informational security

A powerful Microsoft SharePoint 2007/2010 platform and LMS capabilities make SharePoint LMS ideal for creating an advanced elearning solution.

ITWorx CLG (Connected Learning Gateway) version 2.0 is an engaging and multilingual social learning platform intuitive for teachers, attractive for students, inviting for parents, decision-enabler for principals and easy-to-handle for administrators. CLG is flexible, customisable and accessible for all in classrooms, at homes and on hand-held devices.

CLG combines social networking with an array of interoperable and easy-to-use tools for teaching, learning, management and administration. The platform provides K12 public and private institutions with a dynamic educational space enriched with more collaboration, personalisation, interactivity and real-time feedback and assessment.

Why ITWorx? e-Learning Wrapped Up in the Fun of Social Networking

CLG social networking capabilities make the education process much more engaging and interactive for all. Teachers communicate with fellow teachers; students interact with their school buddies and teachers; and parents contact teachers and school board.

  • Real-time status updates, newsfeeds, comments, wall-to-wall communication, and multimedia attachments
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • e-Libraries
  • Personalized public e-Portfolios
  • Mobile notifications and alerts
  • Academic content sharing and evaluation

Innovative Teaching Tools

Inspiring students is challenging when teachers' time is consumed in the daily activities needed to manage classes, schedules and curricula. With CLG teaching tools, teachers are more confident, attentive and responsive to students needs and are able to develop better teaching practices.

  • Content Management: Author and share multimedia- rich learning resources with a variety of questions types that conform to SCORM and IMS QTI global standards.
  • Learning Management
  • Exams and Quizzes: Schedule, deliver, grade and evaluate online exams.
  • Assignments: Create interactive assignments and automatically grade them.
  • Attendance: Monitor attendance; record absence reasons and add explanatory comments.
  • Behaviour: Record, share and escalate behavioural incidents.
  • Lesson Planning: Structure, schedule and publish lesson plans that meet national curriculum standards.
  • Virtual Classrooms: Create live lectures and upload recordings for later review.
  • Student Tracking: Monitor KPIs (key performance indicators) of the class and its individual students through consolidated and detailed analysis.
  • Student Mentoring: Monitor and assess students' progress in achieving their learning plans.

Personalised Learning Tools

Learning is boring when students are mere recipients of information. CLG collaborative tools help students personlise their education experience; creating enthusiastic learners who actively participate in academic tasks, genuinely assume ownership of their own skill-set development and dynamically interact with the education community.

  • Self-Paced Learning: From anywhere at anytime, access rich learning resources, submit assignments online and attend recorded lectures.
  • e-Portfolio: Create, personlise and publish a public website using multiple templates, designs and themes.
  • Learning Path: Create individual learning plans and targets to meet personal and academic objectives such as skill-set enrichment and talent development.
  • Self-Assessment: Collect evidence to monitor progress and measure achievements in real-time.
  • Engaging Interface: Enjoy attractive look & feel, Windows-like navigation and gadget-rich toolbox.
  • e-Libraries: Compose, group and share personal collections of documents, photos and multimedia files.

Parental Engagement Tools

Parental engagement is critical to build children's educational and personal success. CLG tools help parents extend their involvement through comprehensive academic reports and notifications that keep them alerted with changes in children performance to provide immediate support or cooperate with teachers as the need arises.

  • Academic Progress Monitoring: Access rich reports with child's timetable, attendance, assignments, exams and grades.
  • Alerts and Updates: Receive notifications of due exams, meetings and appointments on dashboards and mobile phones.

Wizard-Based Administration Tools

Building and maintaining the e-learning platform can be at stake with too many complex year-round administration activities. To guarantee data consistency and eliminate duplicated efforts, CLG provides wizard-based and easy-to- use tools that securely automate and accelerate platform deployment, schools and users provisioning and integrate with management information systems (MIS).

  • School and User Provisioning: Automate the platform deployment in mass or single schools, provision and update users’ accounts across an infrastructure of interrelated applications, and roll-out new schools or users at any point in time.
  • Multi-Roles: Add and update more than one role per user using a single account to track scenarios such as student promotion, teacher mobility, parent with children in more than one school, and parent who is a teacher or administrator.
  • Integrate with legacy and MIS Systems: Ensure seamless and SIF compliant integration with legacy systems and known MIS systems, such as Phoenix Gold, SIMS.Net, Serco, RM, Integris, and other custom-applications. Guarantee secure data transfers of changes in user and class data and automatically reflect them in the e-learning platform according to predefined schedules that do not overload or interfere with the school system capacity.
  • Operations Management: Monitor and troubleshoot the health of ongoing provisioning services such as school/district connection status, service stability, provisioning status, and delays in data transactions.

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