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By: Olivier Designs  06-Dec-2011
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Olivier Designs offers services to meet all of your graphic design, digital media development, and image consultation needs.

We do it all. Whether you're a small company trying to get your name out there, or a big one, that wants to stand out from the crowd, Olivier Designs will develop an advanced marketing campaign tailored to your company's needs and business approach. Olivier Designs has clients all over the world. Through the rapid development of internet technologies, it doesn't matter whether you're around the corner or around the world. Contact is instant and always ready.

Olivier Designs gets personal with your business. We learn who you are, and who you want to be to your clients. Next, we create a media-driven campaign to build your business image. Your clients' first encounter with your business will likely be on the internet. This is your virtual headquarters, where people can learn more about your brand and your company's character. Olivier Designs works closely with your team to define this character and reflect the qualities and ideals most important to your business' development in all of our work for you.

The power of the printed word still bears much influence and holds significant advertising appeal. From brochures to fliers to posters and business cards, you're all set with Olivier Designs. Don't have a logo? No problem. Olivier Designs takes care of all your graphic media needs and makes sure you're new logo (or an old one) appears everywhere you want it to.

Pricing Information

The initial consultation fee is €40.00. Olivier Designs' image consultation and market strategy development services require an estimation on the amount of time and work involved in the project as discussed with appropriately informed personnel in-touch with the company's values and business approach.

Total marketing strategy development costs a minimum of €2,000.00. Once we have learned enough about your company's views and deliberated on project goals, Olivier Designs will be able to calculate an accurate quote. Standard work is charged at €20.00 an hour after the first 50 hours. Unlike our other services, image consulting and market strategy development is extremely exclusive. However, during the project, we do everything. No hidden fees. No extra charges.

Like mini billboards, banners are a great way to promote your web site. Banners allow organizations to feature small ads on other people's web sites. Banners are most effective when used on web sites frequently visited by your target market. Olivier Designs offers will create you a gorgeous banner to get your point across quickly and hook clients.

Olivier Designs creates a variety of banner sizes to meet your organization's needs. We offer three different methods: static, animated (gif), and flash banners. Static banners are non-animated pictures. The animated (gif) banners consist of a few frames, normally 2 to 4, which play in a loop. A flash banner is built in flash and can contain more complicated animations, e.g. animated text, shapes, logos.

Pricing Information

All banner sizes cost the same. A static banner costs €10.00. An animated (gif) banner costs €10.00 plus €2.00 for each additional frame. A flash, rich media banner costs a flat €25.00.

Olivier Designs will build banners in any size you need. Banner pricing is only applied to banner the level of complexity, not dimensions. Some common banner sizes are:

Full Banner

468 x 60 pixels

Full Banner with Vertical Nav Bar

392 x 72 pixels

Half Banner

234 x 60 pixels

Vertical Banner

120 x 240 pixels

Square Button

125 x 125 pixels

Button 1

120 x 90 pixels

Button 2

120 x 60 pixels

Micro Button

88 x 31 pixels

There are a lot of good reasons to put your business or organization name, logo, and web site address on something other than the conventional business card or invoice. Products bearing your company logo are great for use internally, make excellent corporate gifts, and are an effective, cheap, and long-term marketing investment.

Olivier Designs creates a badge, sticker, or whatever your needs may be for any product you need branding, be it a magnet, a pen, a mug, a shirt, a bag, a jacket, soap, or candles. We create the your brand, ready for print transfer onto the product.

Pricing Information

It costs just €10.00 to have us design a branding layout that's ready to give to your marketing supplier.

Modeling is by far no easy task. However, anyone can look great in a photo. Olivier Designs offers its photo manipulation services to perfect your pictures. Aside from the obvious, i.e. unflattering love handles and facial blemishes, we make your photos look good. Whether you're going for that airbrushed model look, or simply want to make a good picture great, Olivier Designs can help.

Digital photographs hold just as much sentimental value to people, because they are unique records telling the story of our lives. But photographs existed long before digital, and it's those photos that accrue damages every time we handle them. Olivier Designs also restores vintage or family photos. Simply place the photos on a flatbed printer and scan to TIFF. Send to Olivier Designs and we'll do the rest.

Pricing Information

Digital photo development costs €7.00 each for standard digital photo processing, i.e. touch-ups, small changes (green eyes to blue), skin smoothing, location change, basic photo merging, lighting, or general professional photo enhancement.

Restoration of old or damaged photos costs €12.00 per photo.

A great idea is only as good as how well it is communicated. The standard themes and presets that come with presentation programs are acceptable most of the time, but the problem is that most people can recognize these themes by name now. A good presentation is edgy, fresh, and innovative. Whether your presentation is for the CEO of the company or the school board, Olivier Designs will work hard to make you look good, so that you can focus on more important things, like remembering your talking points.

Pricing Information

Professional presentation design costs €40.00 for six hours or less. €10.00 are charged for every hour after the initial six.

Since the introduction of the internet, the world has become virtually smaller. Your business or organization's web site is it's image. Your organization's presence on the internet determines how clients and competitors view your business. A web site representative of your business goals and approach to working with clients is invaluable.

Olivier Designs works with your team to develop a truly unique web experience. Our approach is to learn about your company and understand how you want customers to see you. Our job is to develop your online presence either from an existing web site or from scratch.

A lot of people know how to make small changes to a web site, but a lot of people do not know, or simply don't have the time. Olivier Designs offers a Quick Change service, in effect for one year after signing with us. The Quick Change service is meant for casual changes, (i.e. change of address or news update,) and can be renewed after the first year.

Pricing Information

Web site costs are calculated based on the amount of time and work involved. A minimum of €60.00 is asked to begin. The rate is typically €10.00 an hour. Additional/unforeseen costs incurred in web site design, i.e. banking money transfer fees, stock photography purchases, etc, will be allotted to the bill as well.

Olivier Designs' Quick Change service costs €100 per year. There is no obligation to renew your Quick Change service at the end of a term. Quick Change can be initiated again at any time. Quick Change users can request small changes year round. Quick Changes are typically defined as any change to a web site which can be achieved in two hours or less. Quick Change users are allowed two Quick Changes per week. However, depending on your web site's activity and needs, exact terms are negotiable. The degree of change covered by a Quick Change is determined based on the amount of work. If the change requested for a web site takes too much time, customers will be billed for additional hours.

Apple, McDonalds, and Ford Mustang all have one thing in common. They're each instantly recognizable through their company insignia. Mankind has been using symbols to identify and distinguish things from one another since cave drawings. This is very simple to understand when we consider the parallels we draw with desktop icons. Most people can quickly identify the icon for Microsoft Word because it is a symbol they encounter often. Their mind draws a parallel between the icon and the program.

Similarly, your company or organization is identified through its logo. A logo is not only a picture, but also a symbol whereby people might draw conclusions as to what your business is trying to achieve.

Our extensive range of services includes logo design. Olivier Designs consults with your team to learn about your organization. We get in touch with your style and business colors to define your organization symbolically.

Pricing Information

An €50.00 minimum is asked for logo design. Labor costs an additional €10.00 an hour.

Olivier Designs is ready to serve your organization with any graphic design needs it might have. Olivier Designs works with clients all over the world. In most cases we only design the ready work for your printer of choice, however, depending on where your business is located, Olivier Designs might be able to organize the actual printing and delivery. Our many print design services include (but are not limited to) the following:

- Business Cards
- Fliers
- Book Covers
- CD Covers
- DVD Covers
- Posters
- Cards
- Brochures

Pricing Information

Olivier Designs creates the finished article ready for you to take to your printer.

Business Cards




Book Covers


CD Covers


DVD Covers








*Pricing is for 6-page brochure, additional pages cost €15 each.

If you can imagine it, you can create it. Olivier Designs' graphic design services cover a wide range of areas. For specific work in banner design, logo design, web site design, print design, and digital photo editing, please see the respective services and their associated pricing information. Whatever your graphic design needs may be, Olivier Designs will be there for you.

Pricing Information

Graphic Design work is charged at €10.00 an hour.

Pricing Information

We ask €15.00 an hour for animation work.

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