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By: Old Masters Maroger  06-Dec-2011
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The  Longevity  of  Black  Oil

Rubens was one of many masters to utilize the versatility of Black Oil. 

Black oil is best known for its ease of use and archival quality. Great for classes and workshops, it has no odor and dries "to the touch" overnight. Black Oil increases translucency while retaining paint quality and does not have a tendency to yellow which makes it a highly reliable mixing oil.

Charles H. Olin, former director of the Smithsonian Institution Museum of American Art and Smithsonian Center for Materials Research and Education explains, "The black oil forestalls future darkening of paintings. As linseed oil is boiled with litharge, as in the case of Maroger mediums, the subsequent oxidation process may be minimized because the chemical bonds which would normally be available for oxygen, are not available. This prevents mediums from discoloring and other forms of degradation.*"

Linseed  Oil  -  The  Key  Ingredient

John Singer Sargent painted almost exclusively with Linseed Oil

Painters often use Linseed Oil when exploring brushstroke styles, glazing and impasto techniques. Linseed oil improves paint flow and loosens brush work. It also increases translucency which makes it ideal for glazing techniques. It is the strongest binding vehicle used in oil painting. The purest form of linseed oil bares the name 'cold-pressed,' which simply means the oil has been pressed directly out of the flax seed without the use of heat. Old Masters only uses Cold-Pressed Oil, unlike other companies which resort to cheaper refined oils. 

By John Bannon


Keywords: Oil Painting

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Flemish Maroger - Old Masters Maroger

Moving and sculpting the paint with the brush, dragging one piece of paint into another, the artist creates incredibly luminous and subtle passages so often achieved by the Old Masters. As the painter continues to work, the Maroger gradually sets up within the paint, creating a slight ‘pull’ or dragging texture. It possesses the extraordinary property of congealing in the air and of becoming ductile again at the touch of the brush.


Italian Wax - Old Masters Maroger

In addition to the mat quality, the artist now also possesses the means of the still more rapid execution, necessitated by the new conceptions of drawing that had but recently been brought about by the genius of Michelangelo Buonarotti.* " Old Masters uses 100% organic, unbleached beeswax to achieve superior handling and durability.


Varnish - Old Masters Maroger

At the time of the Old Masters, it became common as a finishing varnish, as well as a major ingredient in oil painting mediums. The addition of natural Mastic Resin to Turpentine as a varnish dates back to at least 700 B.C. It is an extremely durable varnish and is often used in conservation and restoration work. Mastic Varnish has a semi-gloss finish that naturally increases color luminosity.