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By: Odyssey  06-Dec-2011

The Lux Mapping is a service unique to Odyssey Energy.

In contrast to traditional inspection methods, the Lux Mapping methodology gives an accurate performance measure of each light unit at night and has all the benefits of real-time measurement.

The Lux Mapping system is a vehicle mounted system allowing lux levels to be recorded at normal road speed, which makes it suitable for all types of road. The road is surveyed with the survey vehicle working in with existing traffic flows without impediment to the other traffic.

Key Features of the Lux Mapping system are

  • Speed of survey
  • Unadapted Vehicle used, the system is quick and easy to set up
  • Lux vs. GPS coordinates data collection
  • Mapping capabilities
  • Quick identification of inefficient lights and road sections with low light levels

As you can see in the video, Lux Mapping is a useful and cost effective tool for the monitoring and management of road lighting. The system offers an easy to use set of data that can be imported into many software packages, including Google Earth.

Our current Lux Mapping contracts include data collection, post processing, export of data to RAMM database and on-going support. The major benefits of this management process are:

  • Asset owners have a management tool in the form of lighting performance data (lux values) stored in the RAMM database, enabling them to quickly identify inefficient lights and resolve individual service requests for lighting improvements
  • Asset owners can quickly identify roads (road sections) with low lighting levels, create priority lists and together with other factors (ADT, crime, public use) use this as supporting information for strategic plans.
  • It is possible to routinely monitor light performance from the start (new installations). Bulk lamp replacement intervals can be extended based on actual performance, rather than relying on conservative time intervals. In locations which require blocking of the traffic lanes (motorways, tunnels, bridges) this can be very useful and will result in significant reductions of maintenance costs.
  • Subjective human/visual observation of the lux levels is replaced by repeatable, clear and quantifiable measurement.
  • RAMM data base allows for storage of Lux Mapping data in both graphical and spreadsheet format and can be exported for desktop analysis, roading reports or to GIS compatible software.
  • Speed of survey is generally limited only by road speed limits, making the survey process very cost effective.

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Street Lighting Consultancy Services Lux Mapping Electrical Consultancy Services, Street Lighting Consultancy Services

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Street Lighting Consultancy Services Lux Mapping Electrical Consultancy Services, Electrical Consultancy Services

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