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By: Ocean View  05-Apr-2012
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Our Ocean View pure premium extra virgin olive oil is available in individual bottles or by bulk in two varieties.

Premium New Zealand Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Ocean view olive estate combines the tradition and romance of Tuscany’s famous olive varieties with New Zealand’s ingenuity and purity to bring you a truly unique taste that will compliment any dish

Dessert Gold - Premium Lemon Infused Olive Oil

Ocean VIEW Olive Estate presents "Dessert Gold". Using the finest spray free lemons with premium olives Ocean View has created a unique drizzle with distinctive flavours for your enjoyment.

Having our own company press means very little delay from the olive tree to press house ensuring a top quality olive oil.

Ocean View Olive Estate Ltd also offer

  • Contract pressing.
  • Full Management services for grove owners
  • Trees support - using a post and wire system similar to grapes. ~ For groves situated in very windy conditions, using the post and wire system has proved to work very well, giving the trees extra support. As the trees grow the wire is lifted higher up the posts, still providing adequate support for the trees, and high enough for mechanical harvesting.
  • Tree staking is another option. Using a strong stake this method is ideal for more sheltered areas however the stakes do have to be removed for mechanical harvesters.
  • Tree Pruning - towards their desired final shape, either using the more modern monocone shape or the vase shape
  • Tree Health - Nutritional status, adding fertilizer and trace elements after soil testing

Ocean View Olive Estate Ltd is committed to protecting our environment and supporting our local community by using natural products, purchased locally, whenever possible.

Keywords: Extra Virgin Olive, Olive Grove, Olive Oil, Olives, Virgin Olive Oil