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By: Objective Interface Systems  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Mobile Devices, Dsp, Communication Protocol

Objective Interface Systems (OIS) was founded in 1989 with the goal of providing customers the tools to allow them to rapidly build superior software communications architectures. The tools the company provides enable real-time, embedded, and high-performance system developers to implement standards-based communications infrastructures on a wide variety of deployment platforms. These tools result in systems that are more flexible, reliable, predictable, and correct than what was previously possible. OIS products are the Heart of Embedded Communications.

OIS provides the most reliable middleware available. Every software developer is trained in standard DO-178B processes, Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification. This well-established standard has much in common with other safety or security standards. Our internal processes exceed the correctness verification objectives for DO-178B. Every line of code to be integrated into ORBexpress or PCSexpress goes through an arduous double peer review and requirements traceability analysis, as a minimum. Critical sections get even more scrutiny. Every product build goes through automated regression testing and verification by a group independent of the developers.

ORBexpress® enables the realization of the industry standard Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) technology in high-performance, real-time, and embedded applications. ORBexpress was developed to be fast, lean, reliable, and predictable thus enabling embedded system developers to have the high-level design and communication flexibility previously available for deployment only on enterprise systems.

  • ORBexpress RT – With native language implementations in ,  and  for a variety of target hardware platforms and operating systems, ORBexpress RT meets and exceeds the Real-time CORBA standard and also implements support for the CORBA/e profiles. ORBexpress RT also supports the ability to seamlessly plug-in additional transport mechanisms for unique communications requirements.
  • ORBexpress for Android – Solving the problem of Android apps communicating with other devices, provides an easy-to-use communication protocol for connecting disparate systems. Using ORBexpress for Android, developers can now easily connect Android apps, regardless of the Android platform, to applications on desktops, laptops, enterprise servers, Android devices, and other mobile devices using a common protocol.
  • ORBexpress Enterprise – supports fast, lean and reliable CORBA implementations on a variety of Windows, Solaris, Linux and Unix host operating environments. ORBexpress Enterprise comes in native language implementations in C++, Java and Ada.
  • ORBexpress DSP – enables Digital Signal Processors to become first-class devices in mixed systems. The portability of the CORBA interface provided to DSPs allows DSP developers and system architects to optimize functionality in the DSP with the same ease they now have in the GPP. ORBexpress DSP is ideally suited to meet size, weight, and performance challenges of today’s mission-critical environments.
  • ORBexpress FPGA – is a lightweight hardware implementation of CORBA targeted for FPGAs. ORBexpress FPGA supports standards-based CORBA operations and all data types. All CORBA message processing is performed directly in FPGA hardware; no GPP is required and the FPGA is not limited to co-processor models of operation.
  • Cryptographic separation of information channels
  • Strong node and application authentication prior to movement of data
  • Bandwidth allocation that guarantees QoS and suppresses covert timing and storage channels
  • Distributed key supercession and promotion of key generations to deployed systems to ensure confidentiality and integrity of data
  • Maintenance of forward secrecy for group and point-to-point communication

DMMfx models the forces on simulated objects in real-time to determine how they will fracture and bend. DMMfx provides an artist the additional tools necessary to create objects that not only look good, but can move and react in real-time to physical forces as if they were real. DMMfx can save a simulation project thousands of hours of animator time. This allows the creation of visuals that were, up until now, far too expensive or even impossible to achieve with traditional techniques. As an example, a damage-scenario that might take 100 hours of animator time can be created with DMMfx in less than 10 hours.

Keywords: Communication Protocol, Dsp, Mobile Devices

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ORBexpress for Android – Solving the problem of Android apps communicating with other devices, provides an easy-to-use communication protocol for connecting disparate systems. Optimized for use in the real-time, embedded, and high-performance development environment, the ORBexpress product family combines performance with extreme reliability.


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The functional boxes and data flow arrows drawn by the system architect must be implemented with components that enforce the properties that the architect tacitly assumed: that data is always safely contained in its box, that data will only flow along the arrows that he drew, and that there are no other arrows, not even unintended.