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By: Nzx  06-Dec-2011

We get up close and report on what really matters to New Zealand agriculture! Our award-winning team delivers valuable information to farmers, when and where they need it, to help their decision-making. The NZX Agri publications provide all the news, latest market updates, farm management information, research articles and analysis for New Zealand's agri-industry.

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NZX Products - fundsource

The platform includes weekly fund prices, monthly performance statistics, fund profiles with performance graphs and asset allocation, quantitative and qualitative ratings on funds, monthly Newsbrief, and quarterly Investment Strategy reports. FundSource's research platform is updated regularly with over 700 funds available to NZ investors, incorporating fund prices, fund sizes, industry reports.


NZX Products - newsroom

The news agency has a "no-spin" editorial policy and offers a searchable archive and customisable alerts that can be used by both individuals and large organisations. New Zealand's leading news media organisations, businesses and individuals subscribe for timely, accurate and reliable information. is a recognised pioneer and innovator in online news services, which began publishing in late 1996.


NZX Products - nzx info

Allows for easy multiple access in a network environment, easy downloading and timely updating of information such as daily announcements, price and index histories. Information includes annual reports dating back to 1983, director searches, shareholder information, financials, annoucnements, events and profiles. A comprehensive regularly updated analysis of New Zealand listed companies since their listing date.


NZX Products - smartshares

Smartshares offer a range of Exchange Traded Funds which trade on market, just like an ordinary share, but provide the diversification and performance benefits of an index tracking fund. They can be bought and sold through an NZX Advisor just like shares, or you can set up a regular savings plan to invest monthly with no transaction fees.


NZX Services – Overview

In this section you can find out how to become an NZX data distributor, download NZX data policies, and find existing data distributors. You can also find information on third-party software providers who contribute services to the market. This section contains information for our listed issuers, market participants, and data vendors. NZX licenses data distributors to supply NZX market data.