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By: Nzswa  05-Apr-2012



The core components of the service delivery policy and processes are identified as:

  • Clients
  • Types of Services.
  • Service Standards
  • Crisis
  • Non-Crisis.
  • Outreach Services (Services to ethnic women in Safe houses)
  • Family Mediation
  • Community based
  • Counselling
  • Legal Support Services.
  • Education (DV awareness to clients and community; Budgeting; Parenting classes)


The primary clients of NZSWA are women and children within the South East Asian community living in South Auckland and Counties Manukau who were experiencing domestic violence.

Secondary clients are family and friends of primary clients, volunteers, the wider community and other service providers.


Services provided by NZSWA include:


This service is for women and children who are referred to partnered safe house.  It works side by side with different agencies providing quality services to the client accessing resources for them.


This is a pilot project that looks at couples/families (extended families) experiencing dynamics of domestic violence. This service takes the family as a whole and tries to mediate a resolution between the family members in conflict in a safe environment.


This service provides support and advocacy services to clients within the community and women and children who have moved out of safe houses and living in the community.


Clients experiencing domestic or family violence are under immense stress and this could lead to mental disability.  Counselling is suggested to clients for their mental and spiritual well-being.  They are referred to culturally appropriate qualified ethnic counsellors who best meet the client’s needs.

Types of counselling suggested:

  • Individual counselling.
  • Relationship counselling.
  • Family counselling.


Basic information regarding the clients legal rights are provided to the client during the assessment.  If the client requires legal support they are referred to appropriate legal services.  Clients are referred to lawyers who are experienced and have an understanding and empathy towards the cause of domestic violence.

Types of legal guidance:

  • Family Law.
  • Immigration Law.
  • Property Law.


Community education services include the following topics:

  • awareness around domestic and family violence.
  • appropriate training for staff and volunteers to enhance their skills and understanding about domestic and family violence.
  • partnering with other agencies addressing the overall well-being of our client and members of community. For e.g. Healthy Eating Project, Memory book project, Car restraint project etc.
  • holding Learner driver licence classes for ethnic community, coaching them in understanding the road codes enabling them to procure Learners drivers licence.
  • providing information and booking group sessions for restricted and full licence test.
  • translating information on parenting and domestic violence in bi-lingual language namely, Hindi and Punjabi.
  • referring solo mothers living in community adjusting with the new changes and challenges of finance to Budgeting services.


NZSWA has a responsibility to provide services in accordance with the following service standards:

  • Access to services: to ensure access to services for each client is on the basis of relative need.
  • Information and consultation: to ensure each client is informed about her or his rights and responsibilities and the services available, and consulted about any changes required.
  • Efficient and effective management: to ensure that clients receive the benefit of well planned, efficient and accountable service management.
  • Co-ordinated, planned and reliable service delivery: to ensure that each client receive coordinated services that are planned , reliable and meet their ongoing specific needs.
  • Privacy, confidentiality and access to personal information: to ensure that the rights to privacy and confidentiality of each client is respected, and that the client has access to personal information held by NZSWA
  • Complaints and disputes: to ensure that each clients has access to fair and equitable procedures for dealing with complaints and disputes
  • Advocacy: to ensure each client has access to an advocate of her or his choice.