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By: Nzim Central  05-Apr-2012

NZIM has a national quality controlled mentoring service. This service uses a detailed process to match applicants or potential Proteges with experienced Managers or Mentors who are also senior members of the NZIM.

The aim of the mentoring service is to assist the protege to achieve their management career goals.

What is mentoring?
"Mentoring involves primarily encouragement, listening with empathy, sharing experience and developing insight while acting as a sounding board."

What is a Mentor?
 "A Mentor assists in the personal and professional growth of an individual by sharing the knowledge and insights of their experience."

What is a Protege?
 "A Protege is a Manager who has a need for career guidance in a non-threatening environment that will allow them to progress and enhance their management career."

How does mentoring work?

    •  On a "one to one" basis
    •  Regular contact over a period of time initially contracts are for one year
    •  Open and honest interaction between participants
    •  Identifying career goals
    •  Confidentiality in all discussions
    •  Finding alternative ways of resolving issues.

NZIM'S role is to:

    •  Match Mentors and Proteges according to their experience and career needs.
    •  Provide guidelines and assistance as and when required prior to and throughout the mentoring process.
    •  Obtain endorsement of a Mentoring Agreement by all parties.
    •  Ensure Mentoring evaluation Reports are produced on time and acted upon where necessary.
    •  Reassign Mentors or Proteges where appropriate.

NZIM also provides one day training for potential mentors.

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