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By: Nz Electronic Shelf Labelling  06-Dec-2011
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NZ ESL provides ESL solutions in different sizes, shapes, designs with multiple functionality to meet the differing needs of all retail sectors. As well as standard labels for the shelf edge there is also a range of specific labels designed for freezers, deli cabinets, small peg hooks and large signs.

NZ ESL offers two different styles of labels – segment and pixel. Segment based labels provide a cost efficient solution where a large number of labels are required and bring clear, precise information to the shelf edge enhancing any customer experience. Pixel based labels use a bi-stable graphic displays with paper like readability that allow for any information to be placed on the label including barcodes, logo’s and specific product information.

Both ESL ranges are complementary and work together on the one system. Stores can upgrade to or add the Pixel based labels at any time in the future without modifying or adding to the existing infrastructure.

Driven by the intense retail environment, retailers have demanded an ESL system which removes all obstacles to effective and clear shelf edge price and supply chain communication. One that brings scale, feedback and accuracy as well as enhancing both the customer experience and store systems.

The C2 platform and Continuum ESLs benefit from a high performance processor and high memory c100000000um offers retailers advanced in-store marketing possibilities through display animations and transitions, as well as providing easy secure access to supply chain information directly at the shelf edge.

With Continuum, Pricer set a standard for ESL design and functionality. Continuum ESLs not only have a modern design with a large LCD display area but also provide another important feature called ADS (Automated Display Slide Shows), which enables the ESL to display mini PowerPoint like presentations to animate increasingly more flexible and advanced price promotions and information. An alphanumeric string with scrolling and flashing options enhances customer experience and increases sales, for example communicating on loyalty customer and club programs.


DotMatrix displays use a new and exciting technology termed bistable, which has the ability to retain on-screen images with very limited power needs. As the term bistable implies, the picture elements are stable in two (or more) states. The display only needs power only when the content changes.

DotMatrix displays contain a liquid powder which aims to generate greater brightness and a broader viewing angle than comparable LCDs. Full pixel based images can be displayed, also termed “all point addressable”. Bistable displays are perfectly suited for uses as retail store signage.

The technology allows a complete reproduction of a paper label, including product name, logo, bar code, images and any other data. Also, the complete display flexibility eliminates any risk of regulatory changes in product display at the shelf edge.

DotMatrix displays are supported by the same platform as Continuum ESLs and allow retailers to have a scalable and evolving ESL solution. NZ ESL’s Pricer product
is the first and sole supplier to offer a dual display platform under the same infrastructure.

Pricer DotMatrix Instore Benefits

  • Many labels updating simultaneously and automatically
  • User-friendly link to item
  • Promotional messages in attractive characters of choice
  • Various information for the purchasing customers
  • Changes of price, item description, country

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