Case Study – Exercise & Sports Nutrition Including Muscle Gain

By: Nutrition For Life  05-Apr-2012

Cole is a water skier who wanted to optimise his performance for competing in the World Championships. He is also a full-time University student, works 30 hours a week during term time and full-time during the holidays – and fits training 5-6 days per week around this.

When Cole came to see Lynda, his goal was to lose 6kgs by the time competition day came. But with such a demanding schedule, he was struggling to find the energy needed to cope with the stresses of work, study and training in order to perform at his best.
Through a healthy diet tailored to suit the demands of his lifestyle and training, Cole dropped 6.7kgs, increased his energy levels and even found he no longer needed his asthma inhaler

“I would never have been able to keep up with my incredibly demanding schedule if I hadn’t got onboard with better nutrition.”

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Sarah came to see Lynda pre-conception to learn about an optimum diet to support a healthy pregnancy. I am also available to speak to small groups to help with nutrition, exercise and lifestyle issues. With the right information and support you can reach your desired nutritional goal" – Lynda. You will receive a tailor-made food plan which considers. Fat Loss - with long-term results.


Case Study – Fat loss – with long-term results

Despite facing setbacks and challenges along the way, with the on-going support and guidance from Lynda, Bronwyn was able to drop 18kgs over 6 months and achieved her ultimate goal by halving her blood pressure medication. Like many overweight people, Bronwyn had high blood pressure, and when she was told by her doctor to double her blood pressure medication, she knew it was time to make some permanent changes.


Case Study – Healthy weight gain and weight management

Through your help and advice I never faulted in my aim to put some weight on and today I struck gold – I reached 50.2kgs!…Many thanks for helping me to find her energy and enjoy life again”. Felicity was initially resistant to change, but by showing her some easy ideas and recipes, she gradually regained healthy weight – and her zest for life.


Case Study – Pregnancy nutrition

She lost 3kgs of fat as planned prior to becoming pregnant and continued to see Lynda throughout her pregnancy to ensure a healthy diet for her and her baby. Sarah’s goal was not to avoid gaining excess fat, but to have a healthy pregnancy and ensure her baby was receiving the best nutritional benefits possible.