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By: Nutridata  06-Dec-2011
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With more than twenty years of experience in the food industry, and extensive knowledge of recipe calculation, nutrient retention factors, and FDA food labeling laws, NutriData is fully qualified to provide accurate, fully assured, FDA approved:

Nutrition Analysis of: food products, recipes, menus, supplements, pet food, and personal diets

Nutrition analysis by database analysis (based on formulation) and/or laboratory analysis (based on sample testing)

Comprehensive, detailed reports that includes over 30 nutrients. Additional reports available include:

Diabetic Exchange Lists and Pyramid Guide Lists

All Nutriiton Facts Formats: Standard, Tabular, Linear, Shortened, Simplified, Abreviated, Dual Declaration, Aggregate

Bilingual, Spanish, French/Canadian

Based on your recipe formulation and raw material ingredients, we will prepare the most concise ingredient statement that is allowed by FDA regulations. The ingredient statement will also comply with the "Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act", identifying all major allergens with proper descriptors. You will receive an ingredient statement that you can provide to your printer, artist, or package designer, along with back-up documentation for your file.

All packaged foods regulated under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFD&C Act) must comply with FALCPA's (Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act) food allergen labeling requirements. We will review your ingredients and include text for a separate allergen declaration and advise on any necessary label warnings for health risk ingredients required by FALCPA. A detailed report will include a list of the ingredients that contain major allergens.

The number one cause of food recalls each year is the presence or suspected presence of allergens in food product due to mislabeling, errors or omissions. A company and its management may be subject to civil sanctions, criminal penalties, or both under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act if one of its packaged food products does not comply with the FALCPA labeling requirements. FDA may also request seizure of food products where the label of the product does not conform to FALCPA's requirements. In addition, FDA is likely to request that a food product containing an undeclared allergen be recalled by the manufacturer or distributor.

We will review your product and provide guidance for FDA compliant nutrient content claims, health claims, structure/function claims, and other regulated label statements.

Supplement Facts Labels

USDA and CN Labeling

UPC Bar Codes

In order for your company to print U.P.C. bar code symbols, your company will need to become a member of U.P.C council. When you become a member, your company will be assigned an identification number for your company's use (company prefix). You will need this number to create your own U.P.C.s. The globally unique UPC Council Company Prefix licensed to your company will enable you to identify up to 100 Products. We can provide you with a graphic file of the UPC bar code with your uniqued identifiying number(s) that you can give to your printer, artist, or graphic designer.

    Nutrition Facts Labeling Analysis
    AAFCO  Pet Food Analysis
    Chemical Analysis
    Food Allergen Testing
    Shelf Life Evaluation and Testing
    Microbiological Testing

Ensure your products comply with all FDA labeling regulations when we develop your nutrition fact labels, ingredient/allergen statements, label claims, and review of your label artwork for compliance.

    Fast, Professional Service

    7 to 10 business day turnaround on most orders

    • FDA approved nutrition analysis based on product formulation and/or laboratory testing
    • Detailed and comprehensive nutrition analysis and reports

We can assist your firm in developing products to meet nutritional specifications including the meeting of school food requirements:

  • Reduce carbs
  • Eliminate trans fats
  • Reduce fat and calories
  • Incorporate whole grains
  • Improve existing products
  • Develop new products
Consultation and product development by a registered dietitian with over 20 years experience in the food industry

Experienced in food manufacturing and quality assurance, we can blend and package your dry ingredients and spice blends to assure consistency, quality, and formula confidentiality.

  • Ingredient Blending – To your specifications, using your formulas
  • Product Development Services
  • Co-Packing - Blending and packaging of dry mixes: seasoning blends, drink mixes, bakery mixes, soup and gravy mixes, breadings/batters, dessert mixes
Quality, Consistency, Savings
  • Labor saving
  • Assures Confidentiality
  • Assures Consistent Quality

Publish brochures and specification sheets for your product line:

  • Provide comprehensive nutritional data on your products
  • Provide complete product specification sheets

For those firms seeking to enter the challenging marketplace of school foodservice, NutriData can offer technical assistance relating to school food regulations and school food requirements in areas of:

  • Product specification sheets
  • Comprehensive nutrition analysis
  • Product development & compliance
  • Child nutrition (CN) & USDA labels
  • School bidding

Expand your business with the high volume school foodservice offers.

  • Expand sales into the school foodservice market
  • Expert consultation in compliance, sales and marketing
  • Assure your products meet "National School Lunch" guidelines

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