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By: Wdx  05-Apr-2012
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A website that is not customer focused spends too much time talking about their company rather than solving a customer’s problems or getting the visitor more interested in what we have to say.

It is better to focus on the benefits to customers and helping customers solve their problems rather than saying too much about our own company.

Self absorbed company websites dwell on their wonderfully engineered offerings, their superior manufacturing techniques, and the brilliance of their people. While it is fine to make the company look good, this should take second place to the customer’s interests. Too many websites writers forget this.

When you consider that the average visitor has an attention span measured in seconds, and that he scans the web instead of reading, it just makes sense to focus on the website visitor’s interests and needs.

Make sure that the customer fits into the website.

The underlying concept is simple: The most effective marketing communications puts your customers first, not your company. By focusing on customer needs, you are more likely to fulfil your company's goals.

As obvious as this statement would appear, it is similarly obvious that many site developers don't follow it.

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