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By: Gr Environmental Lining Services  06-Dec-2011
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GR Environmental Lining Services Ltd (GRELS) are world class specialists in the supply and installation of a wide range of Geosyntheic products and systems and use only the best, top quality products. HDPE lining systems are custom-made and tested on site to suit any shape or profile required and come complete with Quality Assurance (QA) Record and workmanship warranties.

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Liners

With Proven results in New Zealand since 1964. Polyethylene liners have an estimated projected life expectancy in excess of 150 years for UV resistance and weathering. It provides a tough, durable lining system with excellent UV Resistance.

Geosynthetic Clay Liners – GCL’s

ELCOSeal GCL’s utilise a layer of Sodium Bentonite clay between two geotextiles. The geotextiles are needle punched together through the Bentonite to ensure high, long-term shear strength. This provides an exceptional hydraulic barrier. This lining system requires simple on-site joining of panels and installation is cost effective.

Geotextiles (BIDIM)

Geotextiles (BIDIM) are used as a protective layer either above or below the Geomembrane Lining System. This is used to reduce puncturing of the membrane in rough sub-grade conditions or placed above the membrane for protection when cover materials are placed ie. Landfills.

Pipe Boot Penetrations (Inlet/Outlet)

Our pipe boot penetrations are fabricated , installed and tested on site to suit a variety of sizes and are sealed to pipes utilizing a mechanical fixing and stainless steel bands. This is a cost effective method of sealing liner to any inlet/outlet pipe penetrations through the liner.

Concrete Attachment

We supply and install recognised methods for attaching liners to concrete structures. We use a combination of stainless steel bar, stainless steel bolts and recommended sealant for attaching liners to existing concrete structures. This creates a watertight seal between concrete and liner. This is a proven method of mechanical attachment of liners

Frost Protection Pond Liners

Our frost protection pond lining systems utilises time proven membrane liners installed on site to any size to meet your water storage requirements thus eliminating water loss into the ground.

Effluent Pond Liners

Effluent pond lining systems utilises time proven HDPE membrane liners installed on site to any shape or size to meet your requiremenst. This eliminate effluent seepage into the ground.

Decorative and Ornamental Pond Liners

We can supply and install a lining system to give your pond an aesthetically pleasing and natural appearance, suitable for Golf Course Irrigation Subdivision stormwater control Residential/Private water feature and Commercial beautification for Parks and Reserves.

Other Situations where HDPE Geomembranes and geotextiles can be used include:-


Total Water Containment

Erosion Control

Water Management

Agricultural Dams and Waterways

Aquacultural Water Containment

Environmental Protection

Gas Membrane/Barrier

Floating Covers


Chemical Containment

Forest Fire Protection Dams

With over 22 years of experience gained in New Zealand & overseas GR Environmental Lining Services Ltd is the best installer of geosynthetic lining systems within New Zealand, delivering top quality products and installing these products to World Wide standards, including, Workmanship, Presentation, Quality Assurance Documentation and Guarantees.

Keywords: Environmental Lining Services, Hdpe, Pond Lining, Quality Assurance, Water Storage

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