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By: E4sciences  05-Apr-2012

Today, nations manage their resources as dynamic assets and will maximize their values over their lifetimes. Asset management integrates the use and performance of resources or construction with the business requirements of the owners.

An asset evaluation quantifies the value and cost over the lifetime. The evaluation accounts for the required upfront investment and the inevitable uncertainties involved. The calculations must allow for unexpected events, unanticipated effects, and improved understanding of the system over the foreseeable lifetime. The approach provides an economic discipline for rehabilitation, maintenance, operations, and replacement decisions.

Our products serve to evaluate the current state of the assets and classify their critical components. Scientific measurements and monitoring produce predictive knowledge of the required maintenance, frame the limits of the uncertainty, and define the costs more accurately than statistics for other less deterministic data. Therefore, more money can go toward creating value of the asset rather than impounding funds for dubious risk.

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Orthosonographs are underwater aerial-photograph-like images of the river or channel bed, based on reflectivity of the bottom materials and features. Dredging contaminated sediments can cost 8 times dredging clean sediments, so separating the sediments in-situ can save tens of millions of dollars. Compare the black silt and infrastructure in the orthosonograph to the state-of-the-practice side-scan mosaic.


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Concentration on specific locations produces efficiencies and creates value for our clients. The equipment is portable; our field crews are mobile. Projects range from a week to 6 months. We often use vessels of opportunity.