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By: Direction Recruitment  05-Apr-2012
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Doom and gloom and all this talk of recession….It should be BUSINESS AS USUAL!! 

And with Direction recruitment it certainly is…….

It is vital that in this current climate businesses need to think ahead and set out a long-term strategic plan so that as we eventually climb out of the recession, businesses can build a new and better business market for themselves.

Direction recruitment is being positive and proactive, not reactive, and is assisting its clients to move ahead.  Northland businesses have perhaps been guilty of concentrating on the doom and gloom for too long. Now is the time to have a strategy in place for when the “what if” happens and be ready to move forward. 

As businesses we need to be looking on the positive side and seeing this as a chance for us all to revisit our business and put things in order. What can we being doing better? Where can companies make improvements? How can you add extra value to your clients when times are tough?
If business owners are doing something positive, this in turn will make US ALL FEEL MORE POSTIVE. Businesses can motivate their own staff and move forward collectively to keep Northlanders working.

Step one is to look at internal structures and see how you can best utilise skills and expertise within your business in the most effective way. How can you cut costs but add value to your current services? Would a good look at the potential in your business mean promoting that very able employee into the gap and recruiting in another area?  After all, we all know the benefits of experienced staff remaining who can add real value.
Direction is constantly discussing this with its clients and listening to what they want. One example for Direction recruitment is to assist firms to recruit successfully and manage that candidate into their new role seamlessly.

When times are tough, small businesses feel the pressure of needing to recruit but get frightened by the time, effort and costs involved. Why pay someone else to do it when we can manage it in-house? We hear clients say, “We can manage the process, shift through several hundred CVs and come up with a shortlist”. Is this the most cost effective use of your time when you are already a staff member down and time is of the essence? Perhaps not, but realizing it is a different matter. The benefits of using a qualified experienced recruitment consultancy outweigh the fear. Yes, a fee is involved for introducing the next vital asset to your business but it doesn’t need to be expensive. Flexibility is the key.  There are other services that we can offer. Providing a tailored adaptable service utilising our recruitment expertise in a manageable, affordable way is what we are good at. 40 years + recruitment experience proves it. For example, manage the short term crisis with a temporary staff member or contract specialist on a ‘pay as you go’ system.  Have us help with that overwhelming advert response and let us pre-screen potential candidates including internal applicants where we can offer an impartial view.

How can a business motivate staff without it affecting cash flow/budgets/without increasing salaries? Could you offer an extra day’s leave? How about once a month offering morning tea or organising a social event? Some of us have life style blocks with orchards coming into fruit season. What about a fruit bowl in the kitchen? As an alternative to rewarding sales with cash payments, when that big sale comes to fruition can you consider a group dinner? Talk to the restaurant owner about making it a more affordable way to reward staff, after all they would welcome a full restaurant too.  It’s about thinking more creatively?

As a business your most important asset in this market is your employees. Are you doing what it takes to keep them and make them feel really valued? You may not be in a position to offer a salary increase but extra benefits can offer the same return. You’ll get commitment back, and when the good times return, you’ll reap the benefits.    
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Keywords: Recruitment

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