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Will my job be printed here in Northalnd or even in New Zealand?

YES! ABSOLUTELY! We believe in a vibrant local economy and believe in KEEPING IT LOCAL! We employ local staff and all materials used (i.e. ink, paper) are purchased from New Zealand Companies. Your job won't be outsourced to one of the big companies in Wellington or Auckland or even China. That is a promise!

Can i see what my job will look like before you print it?

How secure is the information I provide you? Are jobs and information kept confidential?

All the information about you, your company and/or your family remains confidential. We do not share any information with any other organisations or third parties. Electronic files are backed up weekly and are kept off site so if there are any computer crashes/floods/fires or other catastrophies your files and work are protected.

I want to use recycled paper, is that ok?

Our main paper suppliers all  have a wide range of stocks which are made using recycled paper and whilst we don't always carry them on the shelf, we have sample books here which you can go through, select one of your choice and we will arrange for samples for you to view.

Isn't printing bad for the environment?

Our inks and waste toner is recycled through Fuji Xerox. Our paper is recycled through Paper Reclaim. We are totally committed to the PrintNZ part of life campaign which has a very strong focus on environmental issues. Please visit

for some great information and some facts you may not know about printing!

What if the job is printed and there is a mistake?

Errors and Typo's are rare, however they do happen.  Proofs are provided at every stage before any job is actually printed. We check these proofs and then send them to you to also check them. It is hard, however the onus of responsibility ultimately falls to you , our client to check your proofs


This is so important and is one of the most common errors to happen in the print industry. If the mistake is our fault we will re-print the job at no cost to you!

What if the job looks nothing like my proof & I am not happy?

We will re-print your job at no cost to you.

I want to design my own job and have my files ready to send to you, is this ok?

We know that some clients prefer to design and type their own flyers, brochures and the like using many different software programmes, most of which will not be suitable for doing what you want when you bring them in to us for printing. Common programmes used are things like Publisher, Word, Excel and Photoshop. These programmes were never designed for the purpose of commercial printing. If you have a design or document in these programmes that you have made and would like to use, please talk to us first so we can help you to get it right.

As is the case with most commercial printing operations we use a combination of programmes including the Adobe Creative Suite ( Illlustrator, InDesign, Photoshop etc), Corel X15 to name a few. If you have work you have created using these programmes, please contact us and we can advise you what our particular specifications are for printi

Have another question?

and we will do our very best to answer it for you.

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Keywords: Printing

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