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By: Te Aurere  05-Apr-2012

This page shows Te Tai Tokerau Tarai waka featuring in the media, see the top of the page for Newspaper/written articles and the bottom for TV clips.

Ngahiraka mai tawhiti

The launching of the second waka hourua in Taipa

The Pao Ceremony

Hekenukumai, Jacko, Piripi Evans and Tua Pittman attend the Pao ceremoney in Satawal, Micronesia where Mau Piailug is from.

Maori and Viking sailors meet

Hekenukumai and Captain Soren Thirslund (an expert on ancient Viking Navigation) discuss similarities in traditional sailing and navigating techniques between Maori and Viking.

Jack Thatcher-Navigator

Jack Thatcher talks about traditional navigation and how he was taught from the master Mau Piailug.

Other news and updates from Te Aurere


Te Aurere Voyaging - max 71 characters - articles Dominion

The crew head to the local marae to talk about their travels and take one or two people along for the next leg of the journey. Hekenukumai Puhipi, known to many as Hector Busby, has travelled with Te Aurere since he helped build it in the early 1990s. Tales of over-friendly orcas and a broken paddle arrived with the waka Te Aurere, which has berthed in Titahi Bay.


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Mr Busby built Te Aurere in 1991, inspired by the 1985 visit to New Zealand of the waka hourua Hokule'a as part of its "Voyage of Rediscovery", promoting traditional Polynesian sailing methods, and the visit of Tahitian waka hourua, Hawaikinui.


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Te Aurere may be the first double-hulled waka Hec Busby ever built, but after 16 years the boat still knows how to give him a few thrills, he reckons. The entrance into the Manukau Harbour was less eventful but still had its moments - huge numbers of dolphins followed the voyagers before they landed. When they hop on the waka it seems a little square is cut out and they're looking out on to the world of how brilliant our ancestors were.


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When the voyage resumes in January, Stanley Conrad will take command as Te Aurere calls in to Wellington, Napier, Gisborne, Waihau Bay on the East Coast and Tauranga before arriving at Waitangi for the commemoration of the 169th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi on February 6.