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When your eyes are placed behind normal glasses or ready-made spectacles you fall into a trap. You no longer use the focussing muscles in your eyes to the full. This important 'ciliary muscle' begins to weaken, requiring visits to your eye doctor for stronger and stronger prescription lenses. Reverse this downhill slide and help develop your eye muscles now.


Multiple pinholes allow people to use eye movements to see objects. The pinholes provide an infinite depth of focus so that even when the eye is not correctly focused, objects will appear as if in focus. Importantly they eliminate scattering (of light to the retina) and hence improve vision.

"These spectacles, after much experiment, were found to be valuable in certain cases of subnormal vision."

Dr. Joseph I. Pascal, Director, Eye Department, Stuyvesant Polyclinic.

Dr. Harold G. Noyes, Associate in Optometry, Columbia University.



'Pinhole Readers' are inexpensive when compared to prescription glasses. Now you can refresh your tired eye muscles and keep the eyes from staring, a common cause of eye fatigue.

"One in every 8 Australians will have some uncorrectable loss of sight in at least one eye and all will need reading glasses."

National Vision Research Institute, University of MelbourneEXCELLENT RESULTS

• "I find your product remarkable. I am 76 years old (I've worn glasses since the age of 20) and I am pleased to say that your product has strengthened my focussing muscles." (Colin Davis, NSW)

• "The Pinhole Readers are great. Especially for such things as TV and small writing." (Ian Bickell, NSW)

• "My Pinhole Readers allow me to see my sewing clearer than the prescription glasses I have. The Pinhole Readers also make small print appear larger and darker." (Anne Reynolds, Qld)

• "I'm thrilled with the difference." (M.G. Volk, WA)

• "My vision has dramatically improved because of the Pinhole Readers.. I no longer have to wear glasses." (Mark Aldennan, WA)

• "Since using the Pinhole Readers, I find it takes away not only the brightness and glare, but also the tiredness."

(Thelma Daniel, President, Gold Coast Visually Impaired Assoc.)

• "I am reading and writing now, but before with my prescription glasses, my eyes would not focus and would only read for about three minutes and then would go blurry .. I'm buying another pair in case I lose these. Keep up the good work." (J. Houlden, VIC)

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