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By: Hermetech  06-Dec-2011

Medical Outlook / SINEpost Mail Fee Schedule

Participating network members will be billed based on the fee schedule below. Non-participating network members pay no fees but their access to the network is restricted in that they can only receive mail from participating members, they cannot post Medical Outlook packages or SINEpost Mail messages.

Our Billing Model

Once your free trial period has expired, you will decide whether to:

  1. Activate your account and become a participating member of the Medical Outlook community
  2. Remain an active member (non-participating)
  3. Cancel your membership completely

Our billing model is similar in many ways to that used by "pay as you go" mobile phone carriers. As far as fees go, there is a low annual membership fee which will determine your Membership Plan (your Plan determines how many active user accounts you may have). Then you pay "postage" for your message traffic.

With Medical Outlook, you will never receive a bill. You have a 'Cash Account' which you top-up as needed to pay fees as they come due. For messages you send, we use the concept of the "Postage Credit", similar to the idea of the Postage Stamp used when sending regular mail. So your account will also show a balance of "Postage Credits" (you'll get lots of them free when you pay your annual membership fee). So, to send 1 message, costs 1 "Postage Credit". The actual cash value of a postage credit is determined by your Membership Plan (see schedule below).

Consider a scenario: You "top up" your cash account to bring it up to $10.00. You send 1 Medical Outlook package (to any number of recipients). You are a "Corporate Silver" member, so your cost per message is 8 cents. If you have no postage credits, we automatically debit 8 cents from your cash account to buy the 1 postage credit needed to send that message and when it's done, you've got a cash balance of $9.92.

So, in short, you "pay as you go", putting as much (or as little) money into your cash account as you wish and those funds can be used to pay for:

  • Message traffic (if you have no Postage Credits)
  • Annual Fees
  • Plan upgrades (get more user accounts and lower cost per message)
  • Buy blocks of postage credits (yes, we run specials from time to time)

Your Cash Balance is always refundable should you wish to close your Medical Outlook account.

How to Order

Here are the step-by-step instructions:


    Plan Users¹ Annual Fee² Equiv. per-user Fee Postage Credits³ Cost per Message API Support?
    Small Business 1 5 $ 50.00 $ 10.00 250 0.100 Yes
    Small Business 2 10 $ 100.00 $ 10.00 500 0.090 Yes
    Corporate Bronze 25 $ 150.00 $ 6.00 750 0.085 Yes
    Corporate Silver 50 $ 225.00 $ 4.50 1125 0.080 Yes
    Corporate Gold 100 $ 300.00 $ 3.00 1500 0.065 Yes
    Enterprise Bronze 250 $ 400.00 $ 1.60 2000 0.060 Yes
    Enterprise Silver 500 $ 450.00 $ 0.90 2250 0.050 Yes
    Enterprise Gold 750 $ 500.00 $ 0.67 5000 0.050 Yes
    Enterprise Platinum 1000 $ 750.00 $ 0.75 7500 0.030 Yes
    ¹Users - The maximum number of active users allowed.
    ²Annual Fee - Covers support, maintenance and software upgrades for one year.
    ³Postage Credits - Each Plan comes with free Postage Credits.


    We can currently accept the following currencies:

    Currency Symbol Countries
    U.S. Dollars US$ United States and all countries not listed elsewhere.
    Pounds Sterling £ United Kingdom
    Canadian Dollars CAN$ Canada
    Australian Dollar AUS$ Auistralia, New Zealand
    Euros Austria,Belgium,Finland,France,Germany,Greece,Ireland,Italy,Luxembourg,Netherlands,Portugal,Spain,Kosovo
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