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By: Nordic Tipi  05-Apr-2012
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Before you Decide to Invest

For permanent and semi-permanent tipi installations, we can tell you exactly the tools you will need, how to select and prepare the site, how to select the stakes you need, and what maintenance activities you can expect to carry out. Put these things together and you will understand the total investment needed (not just the tent) and the ongoing maintenance costs.

For tipi rental businesses, we have a business model that you can use to generate profit & loss and cashflow forecasts for a range of scenarios. It includes all the typical costs that you will incur running this type of business, and takes a lot of the guesswork out of preparing a forecast. It allows you to answer questions like "How many tents should I start with?", "What is the total investment I will need to make to get going?", "How quickly can I expect to get my money back?"

We are also able to advise on flooring, lighting and furnishing options that work well in the tents, and provide lists of example suppliers to save you time.

Sales & Marketing

You will want to present yourself professionally, of course, and there are a number of ways we can help you with that.

We have a Gallery of photos that can be licensed for you to use. Under the terms of the licence you will be able to use the photos for 2 years in your particular part of the world, giving you time to build up your own portfolio.

We can provide example floor plans to show your clients how the interiors of the tents can be laid out and, more than this, we can provide a Floor Planning Tool with dozens of different layouts and the ability to customise them to your particular needs.

If you are running a rental business, we can provide smart Quotation and Booking templates allowing you to present your quotes and bookings in a professional manner with all the necessary information included.

We can also provide example Terms & Conditions of Hire, useful for rental businesses.


When purchasing Stratus™ 72s that will be linked together, or a Cirrus™ 40 that is to be linked to a Stratus™ 72, we require that you take a training course. This is because it is not realistic to convey the method and the various issues and considerations through a set of instructions. It is possible to get the linking wrong, which can result in dangerous situations for crew and users.

The methods we have developed for linking the tents together have been tried and tested in all manner of weather and site conditions. This knowledge has been hard-won, by spending literally hundreds of hours in fields figuring out what does and does not work.

The training will be led by a Tentipi® Approved Instructor. You will provide between 3 and 6 crew for the course and they will do all of the work, under guidance of the Instructor, gaining real hands-on experience.

The amount of training required depends on the number of tents purchased and the types of link that will be made:

  • 2 days: Stratus™ 72 all sides up; Stratus™ 72 all sides down; Stratus™ 72 pair to pair join (2 x Stratus™ 72)
  • 3 days: As 2 day + Stratus™ 72 triangle join (3 x Stratus™ 72)
  • 4 days: As 3 day + Stratus™ 72 to Cirrus™ 40 join + Stratus™ 72 pole to pole join (2 x Stratus™).


Rental businesses build their reputations by turning up on time, with the right equipment (in good condition), efficiently and safely building the tents and interiors prior to the event, and then efficiently and safely dismantling the tents and clearing the site after the event. Sounds easy. But it’s not, especially in the busy season.

Having the right operational processes, clearly written down so that everyone involved understands their job is vital.

Having the right Health & Safety policy and procedures so that your staff come home safely and are fit to work the next day.

Having contingency built in to the business will allow you to recover from problems without the client ever being aware.

We can advise on all these areas and, more than that, provide you with policy and process documentation tailored to a Nordic tipi rental business so that you don’t have to spend hundreds of hours researching and writing it all for yourself.

Keywords: Tents

Other products and services from Nordic Tipi


Stratus 72

Not only does it increase the covered space under canvas, it also allows easy access for people to move freely through the tipi; perfect for visitor attractions, exhibitors and show traders. It can be pitched on its own with its sides down taking the form of a conventional tipi, protecting people from the elements, creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere.


Cirrus 72

It is a beautiful reminder of the ancient roots of the Sami people of northern Europe, it’s manageable, it’s spacious and it has the ability to have an open fire. Because of its stable structure and affordability the Cirrus™ 72 has become a popular choice for people hosting year round activities. This simplicity also makes it cheaper than the Stratus™ 72 whilst affording the same space as a Stratus™ 72 with its sides down.


Cirrus 40

With maximum pole lengths of 7.2m the Cirrus™ 40 can easily be transported on the roof of a standard long wheel base van, making it a great tipi to take from one site to another. Pitched separately or linked to a Stratus™, the Cirrus™ 40 can be used as a chill out area, a reception area, cloakroom or a catering tent. Used as an independent structure or linked to a Stratus™ 72 the applications for this tipi are almost limitless.


Nimbus 16

Portable and fast to pitch it can be used for many applications from ticket sales shelter to judges’ enclosure to smokers’ corner… the list goes on. Whether you’re an exhibitor, caterer or tipi rental professional, the Nimbus™ 16 is a fun, distinctive and useful structure to have with you. It is really useful as a BBQ or hog roast area, and it blends in perfectly when used alongside the giant tipis.


Fireplaces & Furniture

It sits slightly lower making it more compact and suitable for smaller gatherings, or where low seating surrounds the fireplace. There are two fireplaces, Bamse™ Max and Bamse™ Mini, designed to fit the Stratus™ 72/Cirrus™ 72 and Cirrus™ 40 respectively. The Bamse™ Max is a robust, timber framed fireplace with a metal fire box, on which the fire burns at waist height.