Cirrus 40

By: Nordic Tipi  05-Apr-2012

Cirrus™ 40

Versatility is the Cirrus™ 40 keynote. Used as an independent structure or linked to a Stratus™ 72 the applications for this tipi are almost limitless.

With maximum pole lengths of 7.2m the Cirrus™ 40 can easily be transported on the roof of a standard long wheel base van, making it a great tipi to take from one site to another. It’s also quick and easy to pitch, perfect for traders or exhibitors who are bound by time pressure. Once pitched the Cirrus™ 40 really does stand out from your average tent and is a real crowd puller.

There is space for 40 seated at tables. Pitched separately or linked to a Stratus™, the Cirrus™ 40 can be used as a chill out area, a reception area, cloakroom or a catering tent.

It is made to the same high standards as the Stratus™ but is smaller at 8.5 metres in diameter rather than 10.3. Whilst it is not possible to raise the brim, the Cirrus™ 40 has a 4 metre wide opening that can be used to link it to the Stratus™ 72.

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Stratus 72

Not only does it increase the covered space under canvas, it also allows easy access for people to move freely through the tipi; perfect for visitor attractions, exhibitors and show traders. It can be pitched on its own with its sides down taking the form of a conventional tipi, protecting people from the elements, creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere.


Tent business training, support and advice – Nordic Tipi – Services

We are also able to advise on flooring, lighting and furnishing options that work well in the tents, and provide lists of example suppliers to save you time. You will provide between 3 and 6 crew for the course and they will do all of the work, under guidance of the Instructor, gaining real hands-on experience.


Cirrus 72

It is a beautiful reminder of the ancient roots of the Sami people of northern Europe, it’s manageable, it’s spacious and it has the ability to have an open fire. Because of its stable structure and affordability the Cirrus™ 72 has become a popular choice for people hosting year round activities. This simplicity also makes it cheaper than the Stratus™ 72 whilst affording the same space as a Stratus™ 72 with its sides down.


Nimbus 16

Portable and fast to pitch it can be used for many applications from ticket sales shelter to judges’ enclosure to smokers’ corner… the list goes on. Whether you’re an exhibitor, caterer or tipi rental professional, the Nimbus™ 16 is a fun, distinctive and useful structure to have with you. It is really useful as a BBQ or hog roast area, and it blends in perfectly when used alongside the giant tipis.


Fireplaces & Furniture

It sits slightly lower making it more compact and suitable for smaller gatherings, or where low seating surrounds the fireplace. There are two fireplaces, Bamse™ Max and Bamse™ Mini, designed to fit the Stratus™ 72/Cirrus™ 72 and Cirrus™ 40 respectively. The Bamse™ Max is a robust, timber framed fireplace with a metal fire box, on which the fire burns at waist height.