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By: Noni Juice  05-Apr-2012
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Press Release

 Auckland, New Zealand (April 26, 2006): The exotic tropical fruit Noni has properties that may be beneficial in preventing cancer, according to recent studies by a leading cancer research institute in Greece. 

The Noni fruit has been consumed in drink form for centuries by people in the Pacific Islands and Asia, who swear by its ability to enhance overall health. 

A preliminary report by the University of Ioannina in Greece, commissioned by the German-based European distributor for Noni Juice New Zealand (NCT Nord trading GmbH), appears to support those beliefs. 

The University's Dr John Toliopoulos, who tested an extract of the plant Morinda Citrifolia, the scientific name for Noni, concluded: The extract from the tropical plant Morinda Citrifolia indicates some anti-cancer properties useful for the immune system. 

Dr Toliopoulos linked properties in the fruit with its ability to help the body's immune system activate Natural Killer Cells, which home in on potential cancerous cells and can destroy them. 

The results of Dr Toliopoulos research is expected to be published in several medical journals and will be mentioned at the European Society for Medical Oncology's Congress, which is being held in Istanbul, Turkey from September 29 to October 3, 2006. 

Noni, known as the Aspirin of the Ancients, grows best in pollution-free volcanic soil, said Jeff Hopkins, director of Natures Products, the Whangarei-based company that markets Noni Juice and other Noni products online. 

In the Cook Islands, the fruit has been used medicinally for hundreds of years, said Jeff Hopkins, whose company uses only Cook Islands fruits because of the totally organic horticulture methods they use to grow Noni.  

Today, when you travel to the Cook Islands, you will often see local people picking some of the shrubs. When the Cook Islanders do not feel well, whatever the cause, they tend to try the fruit first. 

Jeff Hopkins said his company has developed a unique process that produces better tasting, 100 per cent Noni juice without the need for additives or other fruit juices to enhance taste.  

They are also able to supply a certified organic product that adheres to USA, Australian, European and US standards.   

Unlike many companies, Jeff Hopkins T/A Natures Products bypasses the multi-level marketing system and sells its products directly to consumers online. 


About Jeff Hopkins T/A Natures Products

Natures Products is based in Whangarei, New Zealand. The company manufactures Noni Juice and other Noni-based products and has been marketing these products online via its website, for over 5 years. Bulk products are distributed in Europe by NCT Nord trading GmbH.

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Keywords: Alternative Medicine, Cancer Research, Nutrition, Supplement