Submission in support of a new Great Barrier Island rural broadband and telecommunications facility - Nikki Kaye

By: Nikki Kaye  05-Apr-2012

Last week I was pleased to make a submission to Auckland Council in support of Vodafone New Zealand Ltd’s application for a resource consent to be granted to construct a new rural broadband and telecommunications facility on Great Barrier Island.

The new facility would provide a communications tower and support equipment, and would service the communities of Claris, Okupu and surrounding areas. This new facility will enable tourists and residents on the Island to have cell phone and internet communication while staying in these areas. It will also help children living on the Island to develop their digital literacy skills in a way not previously possible.

There are also hundreds of holiday home and full time residence owners on Great Barrier Island who will also benefit greatly from this package. I believe that if people are able to work from their holiday homes, and stay extra nights on the Island because of it, then the local economy could benefit from this.

This is a very good application, and I encourage people to make their own submissions to Auckland Council. Submissions close at 5pm, Friday 16th March

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