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By: Niki Gunning  05-Apr-2012
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They have coaches.
How did Andre Agassi turn his tennis career around? He hired a success coach.

Successful people understand that often it is them that gets in the way of creating success.

They understand they there are aspects of themselves they need to change.

A coach helps you understand which bits need to change.

A coach perceives and acknowledges the potential in you.

A coach affirms what is good in you and what can become great.

We provide the information, feedback, reflection and experience that give you the chance to explore whether your habits, thoughts and actions are moving you towards where you want to go.

A coach can work with you as your create a vision of your life, hold that vision and help you set goals towards it.

Direct access to an experienced coach will help solve problems, resolve critical issues and make important personal and business decisions

A coach will

  • Have the conversations with you that you need to have rather than the ones you are stuck in
  • Increase your performance and quicken the road to the creation of meaningful success
  • Help you run your own brain by managing your thoughts
  • Grow you into someone who influences rather than is influenced.
  • Bring out the best in you and your team.
  • Offer practical help in developing balance in home/work life and fulfilling personal potential

  • Clear feedback to overcome personal limitations that hinder relationships and achievement of strategic business results

At Niki Gunning Ltd I am committed to providing you with excellence in service where I:

  • Deliver on my promises
  • Treat you with respect
  • Value you as a human being
  • Be passionate about your journey
  • Exceed your expectations
  • Honour you

It is the perfect commitment for coaching individuals who want to grow themselves, challenge themselves to become great and develop incredible teams.

The coaching services we offer are:

  • Leadership coaching- for those who are feeling they are not getting the best out of their team or are feeling overwhelmed.
  • Personal development coaching - for those who want to create a vision and set goals that lead to its achievement.
  • Group coaching – the power of a like minded team keeping you on track

The outcomes we would expect are:

  • The creation of a strong vision that you are committed to and passionate about
  • The setting of  achievable goals to get there
  • Accountability
  • The creation of new behaviours that are permanent
  • An increase in confidence

I offer a free consultation where  I assess your needs and how I can help you.

Contact me today to book one – no obligation and it is our promise that everyone leaves a free consultation with something of value.

We are so passionate about providing excellence in service at Niki Gunning Ltd that we offer a full guarantee.

If you are unhappy with any session we will fully refund the investment for that session.

Gather a group of like-minded people – we suggest 5-7.
Figure out when you wanted to get started and we will take you on a journey of discovery.

The course involves an initial period of four 2 hour sessions followed by two monthly follow up sessions.

The course covers topics such as:

  • Creating a strong personal foundation
  • Creating a vision for your life
  • Dealing with challenges
  • How language impacts on your life
  • Beliefs that sabotage you and beliefs that move you forward.

Investment of $500 per participant includes:

  • 12 hours of coaching
  • A workbook to use and to cherish
  • The support of a team.

Contact us for further information. (A minimum of 5 people is needed to run these)

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

Keywords: Coaching, Group Coaching, Leadership, Professional Development, Professional Speaker

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