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By: Nicklin Surveying  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Resource Management, Subdivision

Subdivision and land use consents are an important part of our work and are prepared to the requirements of the local Council and the Resource Management Act 1991.  Due to the processing time frames imposed on Council's under the Act, most Councils will reject applications that do not contain the correct information under s88 of the Act.  In other words, the Councils will reject the application if it is in the incorrect format, contains vague information, does not contain the necesary consultations, has unclear plans etc.  If they don't reject them, they may be penalsed and have to return part of the application fee if they end up spending additional time in trying to undersand the information submitted.

Get Nicklin Surveying & Resource Management to prepare your subdivision or land use consent to minimise the problems.  We understand the information that Council's require and the assocated consulations.

We are often contacted to assist with consents that have been rejected by Council.  These are cases where the information supplied has been insufficient for Council to process the consent.  We are happy to assist with this type of application.  Often the missing information can be supplied by a covering letter or by providing more detailed plans.  It is rare for us to start the application again from scratch and to re-submit it. Usually what has been provided, just needs fine tuning.  If you are having trouble with your subdivision or land use application, contact us to see where we can assist.

Keywords: Resource Management, Subdivision

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