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By: Nick Poortman  05-Apr-2012
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My loyal web visitors, Facebook likers and Twitter followers, apologies for my neglect! It’s been a while since my last post, so firstly I’d like to say Happy New Year! This is actually my first blog post of 2012, and although it doesn’t explicitly talk about studio sessions, it is giving a slight insight into the crazy schedule I’ve had, and doesn’t really give scope to how much organising and preparation has been undertaken.

With 2012 in full swing, it’s been a pretty productive start to the year. I admit, I haven’t been in the studio very much at all – but hey, it’s summer, and can’t complain with afternoon meetings in the sun and organising bookings in the studio for winter when it will be cold and miserable outside.

I don’t know whether there’s something about it being 2012 – maybe this new year has breathed a fresh blast of inspiration back to me – but I seem to be on a roll with ideas and concepts, all of which are gradually being turned into business plans. Some may never see the light of day, but sure enough I’ll start rolling out a few unique plans throughout this year, so stay tuned and keep an eye on what I’m setting up. I’m pretty excited about what I’ve got planned ahead – some plans even extend out for about 3-4 years! Forward thinking is key, and picturing the long term goal helps make the steps there seem a lot more achievable.

Throughout the past month or so, I’ve been in and out of various meetings of all sorts – some regarding forthcoming albums, others about creative concepts, and various business based meetings. I feel like I’m making some pretty good headway, and with the amount of album & single budgets I’ve been doing, it seems like the rest of this year will be pretty hectic and good fun. I’ve been meeting a lot of musicians and their managers, and with the range of options available I’ve been working with them to achieve the most professional product possible within their budget. I have been presenting 2-3 options per session, and giving the artist choice of what will suit them. Even if you aren’t ready to record, feel free to get in touch about plans and I can put together a budget. It’s always easier once you can see exactly what you need for your project, and (as mentioned above) picturing the long term goal helps make the steps there more achievable.

In fact, aside from feeling extremely busy with organising future sessions, I’m filling in any spare time with web design. I’m currently working on a client’s website, and have a few more in tow for downtime outside of the studio for later in the year. I enjoy the change in pace every now and again – sometimes you just need a little bit of quiet time away from the music, and using my knowledge in web design is a sure fire way to keep myself busy. As I said, it’s just something on the side though… No matter what I’ll always be an audio engineer at heart!

Back to audio now – I have taken priority to extending options for clients, including meeting string sections, session musicians, and other create and industry folk, in order for me to be able to offer any option for forthcoming recordings. I have created ties with a wide range of great musicians, and with the number of session musicians I am confident I have a combination that will work for you. I feel as though strings particularly are a really undervalued addition to a track. I’ve had a bit of interest regarding strings from artists that have already recorded tracks, so am looking at taking bookings on behalf of the string section to add strings to a finished song. Obviously, with a higher number of tracks comes a better price, so if you’re interested in getting real strings put on your tracks, you know who to message!

As previously mentioned, more classy features are being worked upon on my website. I don’t have a timeframe for the release of these goodies, but I can assure you it’l be worth the wait. There is some pretty advanced coding being done, well beyond the scope of my code knowledge, but I know what I am working towards (which is the main thing). I don’t want to give away too much, but think it’l blow you away once it is up.

I’ll be heading off to Hamilton at the end of this week to meet up with a few of musicians and may pop in at a local studio, then in March I’m heading down to Christchurch for a few weeks, then back to Auckland for an album in April. Bookings are filling up this year and I’m pretty excited about the material I’ll be working on. It’s going to be a great year, and hope you’re all feeling as positive about it as I am!

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