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Thermal fluid heaters deliver high temperature energy to single or multiple users. In the closed loop system, the pressure remains low compared to steam systems, and thermal fluid temperatures can reach an excess of 700°F.

Newpoint Thermal specializes in Dual Helical (DH) Coil Heater designs for thermal fluid applications. The DH thermal fluid heater is available in standard sizes ranging from 400,000 Btu/hr to 75,000,000 Btu/hr with high or low flow configurations to match your process temperature control requirements. Newpoint also offers Single HelicalCoil and API Style thermal fluid heaters. 

While some applications can be served by a standard heater, the Newpoint engineering team is ready to custom engineer a thermal fluid heater to meet your unique and specific application.

Common Applications

  • Steam Generators
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Reactors (w/cooling systems)
  • Process Dipping Tanks (for galvanizing)
  • Product Storage Tanks
  • Chemical Plants
  • Oil & Gas Production
  • Textile Manufacturing Facilities
  • Food Processing
  • Laundries
  • Marine Applications
  • Plastic & Rubber Processing
  • Wood Processing
  • Drop Forges
  • Metal, Paper & Cardboard Processing
  • Soap Manufacturing
  • Building Materials

Fluids Utilized

  • Thermal oils
  • Glycol mixtures
  • Silicone based fluids
  • Water


  • Natural gas
  • Propane
  • Digester gas
  • #2 - #6 fuel oil
  • Dual fuel combination

DH Heater - Features & Benefits 

  • Dual helical coil design - high thermal efficiency
  • Large coil heating surface area - low average heat flux density, extended fluid life
  • Rugged, heavy duty industrial design - long heater life
  • Standard and custom-engineered designs
  • Fuel versatility
  • High operating temperatures
  • Low emissions designs available
  • Built and designed to ASME VIII Standards - licensed boiler operator not required
  • Sizes and configurations to meet every need

DH Design Newpoint\\\'s DH (Dual Helical) heaters optimize the heat transfer surface with three passes through two helical coils. The helical coils inside the DH are designed, constructed, and mounted to minimize thermal stress and prevent overheating.

The DH chamber diameter and length are appropriately sized to prevent flame impingement by taking the burner\\\'s flame geometry into consideration and allowing for complete flame burnout before it reaches the end of the chamber. This lowers thermal fluid film temperatures, thereby extending the thermal fluid service life. Generous sizing of the combustion chamber prolongs fluid life.

Control options include relay logic and programmable logic systems with simple indicators and push buttons or advanced touch screen controls.

To maintain safety and increase accuracy, all DH thermal fluid heaters have flow control systems utilizing orifice plates with differential pressure to verify and indicate thermal fluid flow rates. Additionally, devices to monitor and control temperatures are standard on DH systems. Flue gas temperature and oil level each have dedicated monitor and control components. Newpoint Thermal offers bellows-seal valves to greatly reduce or eliminate fluid leakage. Newpoint Thermal has an assortment of options for burner systems to meet variety of applications.

Newpoint offers skid mounting and assembly of secondary systems. In addition, thermal fluid pipe routing & stress analysis are available. Modular packaged equipment eases installation and optimizes economics. The Newpoint Engineering Team can assist in designing complete primary and auxiliary systems to meet a wide variety of process demands.

DH System Flexibility  


§   Vertical :       Minimal floor space required and easily drained if required

§   Horizontal :   Maintenance concerns are at ground level

§   Up-Fired :      Maintenance at ground level, minimal floor space required, and easily drained

Flow Choices:

§   Low :      Cost effective when tight temperature tolerance is not required

§   High :      When heat users require specific temperature considerations

Emissions Low NOx systems are available to meet the most stringent emissions requirements including tough California SCAQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District).

Efficiency The two coil - three pass heater design creates 80 to 90% efficiency (LHV) without combustion air preheating. This design also lowers fuel costs by effectively transferring more heat. For even greater efficiency, combustion air preheaters are available.

Advantages of Thermal Fluid Heating Over Steam Heating

  • No system efficiency losses associated with blow down or steam traps
  • No feed water makeup system required
  • No chemical treatment of replacement fluid due to noncorrosive nature of thermal fluids
  • No licensed boiler operator required due to low vapor pressure and ASME Section VIII classification
  • Low maintenance considerations vs. steam

The DH Heater - How it works A gas or oil fired burner mounted at one end of the heater projects a flame into the inner chamber. After radiating heat along the inside of the first coil, the hot gasses travel upward between the inner and outer coil, radiating and convecting heat to two coil faces. The gasses then make a third and final pass between the insulated shell and the outside of the second coil where the last of the heat is absorbed. Thermal fluid flows to one or more users before returning to the DH for reheating. The fluid film temperature (Tf) is the temperature associated with the thin film of fluid directly in contact with the tube wall and is the highest temperature that the fluid will see. High fluid velocities within the heater result in turbulent flow and maximum mixing conditions. These high velocities, coupled with a generous amount of heating surface area, result in the lowest film temperatures available in a packaged thermal fluid heater today.

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Keywords: Thermal Fluid

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