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By: Newlook International  06-Dec-2011
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NewLook [noo-look]: --noun: 1. the fusion of innovation with decorative concrete; 2. the solution to ugly concrete; 3. a fresh and revitalized concrete image;

--verb: 1. the process of making ugly concrete look naturally beautiful; 2. to maintain your concrete's image; 3. to increase your curb appeal;

NewLook's system of premium decorative concrete solutions includes architectural, specialty and industrial products for easily and cost-effectively restoring the image of concrete.

Use NewLook's premium products to achieve sustainability and fix common concrete color problems like discolored, blotchy or stained concrete, wrong colors, failed acid-stain, fading integral color and more! Our family of concrete stains provide endless possibilities in coloring and faux finishing concrete.

The SPECIALTY LINE is a comprehensive range of solutions used to prepare, restore and protect concrete. It includes the ORIGINAL Concrete Color Stains, which are eco-friendly, water-based, non-acid and non-acrylic. These revolutionary stains are available in both semi-transparent and completely opaque versions (i.e. Solid Color Stain or CoolStain); they are extremely maintainable, breathable, and will not change the texture of your concrete--leaving a natural finish as though the concrete had been freshly poured.

Architects, professional installers and property owners alike have relied on our Concrete Color Maintenance System to enhance the image of concrete since 1989! It's NOT "old" technology--it's proven technology you can depend on.

NOTE: The Specialty Product Line is NOT sold direct and must be purchased from your . Or contact NewLook for more information.

The INDUSTRIAL LINE is a range of premium, industrial-grade solutions used to enhance and restore the image of various surfaces. It includes surface preparation products, beautification and restoration solutions, protective maintenance solutions and more. Products in this line have been in research and development since 2007.

The is a revolutionary suspended silica-based system of densifiers, sealers and cleaners used to polish architectural concrete. Based on advanced nano-technology, NanoSet ™ delivers a more efficient chemical reaction than silicate-based or lithium-based densifiers to achieve a highly sustainable, durable and maintainable shine.

NanoSet and other Industrial Line products offer a higher quality and more reliable range of solutions than the competition, yet they are competitively priced! Each product is manufactured using superior quality ingredients and ultra-premium raw materials. The Industrial Line has been designed specifically with the contractor in mind. Most Industrial Line products must be used by trained and experience professional installers.

NOTE: Due to the unique nature of NewLook's Industrial Line and its production process, minimum order quantities are required to provide sufficient benefit to our customers. While some distributors may wish to participate and resell products in our Industrial Line, many decline because of the minimum order quanity requriement, product margins or simply because it is the wrong fit for their distribution model. Please contact NewLook at (801) 886-9495 for more information.

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