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NZWPW's own Ben Mana and Shining Nick Silver once again head to Surfers Paradise in Australia to take on the countries best Sumo wrestlers at this years 2011 Oceana Sumo Competitions.

"The wrestlers of NZWPW have always done well at the competitions" say's head trainer and chairman of "New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling" Martin Stirling, "The fact that they compete in the pro-wrestling ring always gives them an advantage"

Ben Mana and Shining Nick will also be joined by current Australasian female champion and (Junior sports woman of the year nominee) Geneva Webber at this years competitions.

All the participants fly out this Friday and will compete this weekend.  NZWPW wishes them the best of luck on their journey.

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The main event at Over The Top this Friday will feature 20 wrestlers from NZWPW, IPW and SCW in an over the top rope rumble match, with the winner receiving a main event spot at Powerplay!


20-man inter-promotional Rumble match

NZWPW Heavyweight championship match:

Tykade (c) vs Rufguts

IPW Heavyweight championship match:

Vinny Dunn (c) vs D-Hoya

NZWPW Tag team championship match:

5 Star Revolution (c) (Travis Banks and JC Star) vs Project Mayhem (Corey Dallas and Johnny Idol)

More to be announced soon!

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New Zealand Wide Pro-Wrestling will be starting off 2011 with a bang by venturing once again to Te Whiti Park to participate in TE RA O TE RAUKURA a huge outdoor event held once a year that can see crowds of up to twenty to thirty thousand in attendance. This will be NZWPW's forth appearance at the event and they are readily making a name for themselves in the process.  The matches will be fought throughout the course of the day, beginning in the morning and concluding in the afternoon. 

Date: Sunday 6th February, 2011

Time: 9am - 4pm

Location: Te Whiti Park - Whites Line East, Lower Hutt

Admission: Free


  • Thor vs Teh Nerd vs Fred The Great (Triple threat match)
  • Rufguts vs D-Hoya (Singles match)
  • "Shining" Nick Silver vs G.I Jay (Singles match)
  • Ben Mana vs Axl (Singles match)
  • Five Star Revolution - J.C Star/Travis Banks vs Project Mayhem - Corey Dallas/Johnny Idol (Tag team match)
  • Tag Team Battle Royal (Main Event for the number 1 contendership to the Tag Team titles)

(Card subject to change).

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Shining Nick Silver and Sammy V have returned to New Zealand after training at "Lance Storms Wrestling Academy" and now they give us their final thoughts on the experience:

Shining Nick Silver:

After being away for too long, I (The Shining One) your hero, "Nick Silver" have returned to this land of my birth. Canada, the great frozen north held many things for me. The bear, the wolf, the eagle. But I went there for one thing, Lance Storm; One of Canada's greatest professional wrestlers who agreed to allow me to step into his ring and train in the art of professional wrestling; and now I return to you, ready to take to the ring once again, facing the best New Zealand can offer.

Sammy V:
So Sammy V is back to my home New Zealand now. 3 months away in a foreign country was tough i'll admit. The food was weird, people couldn't understand my 'accent' and I got lost a few times in this city that was -30 degrees. But now i'm back and i'm ready to fight. I'm bigger, faster, stronger and so much more wiser from my training at Storm Wrestling Academy. I feel like a veteran and i've only been doing this a year. It's so good to be back home and now I can start Sammy V's very own legacy. I'm coming for titles and I'll fight anyone I'm put up against. Even if its my training buddy in Calgary 'Shining' Nick Silver. It's domination time!

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 Due to unforeseen circumstances "Alfred Valentine" will no longer be competing at "Right2 Rumble"

Rehua Quote:

"I am disappointed to hear this, but the show must go on.."

Therefore; I have decided to give Tykade a preview of whats to come at "Nightmare", he will now be facing someone who can match him size for size;the dark soldier himself"Axl".

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The last two matches have finally been announced:

Tykade vs Alfred Valentine (Non-Title)

In order to prepare Tykade for his monumental match against Reuben De Jong at Nightmare, the CWO (Rehua) has organised with the IPW commissioner (Dion McCracken), a one on one match against the veteran of IPW wrestling Alfred Valentine at "Right to Rumble".

Rehua quote:

"I know Tykade has the power, but against Alfred Valentine, we'll see if he has the skill".

Dal Knox, Travis Banks & J.C Star vs Vinny Dunn, A-Class & Ninja Fury

(6 man Tag Match)

This is a much anticipated match up and to make sure it is a truly special event the CWO has called in a special guest referee to oversee the proceedings; none other than "The Silencer - Jean Miracle".

Rehua quote:

"Who else can bring that touch of class to a show but Silencer".

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IPW wrestler "Mischa Ivanoff" has asked the CWO of NZWPW (Rehua) if he could take part in the 15 man inter-promotional "Royal Rumble" in Levin on December 3rd.  The CWO has agreed to this but not without consequence to Mischa:

Rehua Quote:

"Mischa must prove his worth to me if he wants to be included in the Rumble, therefore, in order for him to be accepted  he must fight a WPW wrestler first.. and just to make it interesting, he must issue an open challenge to any wrestler in the WPW roster. Once he has done that he is then allowed in the Rumble".

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The C.W.O (Rehua) wants to end the year with a bang so has decided to take the last WPWshow back to his home town of Levin. The show is called "The Right 2 Rumble" and will feature some of the best wrestlers from bothIPWand WPW and will culminate in an Inter-promotional Royal Rumble, the likes of which haven't been seen since the PWI Invitational. It will also potentially give participants from IPW's "Rival Turf" a chance to settle old scores. 

Not only will it be one of the best WPW shows of the year; but thanks to negotiations between IPW and WPWmanagement, it will also be a preview of great things to come.

Quote: Rehua

I'm announcing two matches now; as I want to wet your appetite, and then I will announce more as it gets closer to the event"

First matches announced:

  • Link Van Haggard vs Mikey Rave vs Rocketman vs Johnny Idol

          (High Flying Fatal Fourway)

  • Misty vs J.P.E (Ladies Bragging Rights Match)

The Right 2 Rumble

Friday - 3rd December 2010

Levin Performing Arts Centre - Queen Street (LEVIN)

7pm (Doors Open) 7.30pm - 9.30pm (Show)

$15 (Adults) - $10 (Kids) - Gold Coin (Under 5s)

Tickets available from Sportworld - 208 Oxford Street, Levin and at the door.

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Four classmates and I stay at a house owned by Mr Storm. The house is a nice 2 storey place, fully furnished, close to shops and handy to the academy.

My house mates come from Scotland, England, America and Canada, and they are also training with Mr Storm. In the mornings, we all get up at 9 so we can watch Spongebob with our breakfast. Then it is off to the academy for training, and usually after that, I head to the gym for a workout.

We are a little over halfway through training at the academy, and I have decided that I will make my return to the southern shores after New Years to take advantage of the NZ version of summer to thaw me out from my time in the great frozen north.

After 6 weeks here I am really enjoying my training. I have become a lot stronger and have put to practice a lot of Lance Storm's training and advice. We have started to have matches and in my first fight I dominated some skinny kid from my class. I'm hoping to learn some more cool maneuvers and dominate a few more people in the coming weeks! I'm back in NZ on the 30th of November and can't wait to get home!

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After the show, the five panel members consisting of Martin Stirling (Chairman), Shanan Gough(AWF representative), Rehua(C.W.O), and Two membersof the publicthat were chosen on the night, all gathered as a group and collated all the scores together, it was clear that as individuals, all the panel members had voted differently, but once all the scores were counted and combined; a list was revealed.

Chairman's Challenge Top 10

10th - Teh Nerd

9th - Axl

8th - D-Hoya

7th - Tykade

6th - Fred the Great

5th - J.C Star

4th - Travis Banks

3rd - Roger Ventura

2nd - Adam Avalanche

1st - Rufguts

Additional Categories  

Best technical match - Roger Ventura vs Travis Banks

Most popular match - Rufguts vs Fred the Great

Best Character match - Teh Nerd vs Thor

Chairman's Choice for one to watch - Kid Caprice

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I (Martin Stirling) hereby issue a challenge to the chosen wrestlers from NZPWI's recent honours list of the "Top Ten Wrestlers" in New Zealand to participate in a tournament in Wellington to be hosted by NZWPW; during this tournament a new voting panel will be formed to create a new Top Ten Wrestlers honours list.


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Travis has had plenty of opportunities to defeat Rufguts" Says the CWO Rehua "So if he can't get it done this weekend, then he's not getting another one. Shining Nick Silver is a veteran of New Zealand wrestling and was the first co-holder of the NZWPW Tag team titles with Silencer Jon Miracle back in 2007. The NZWPW giant will be battling it out in his home town of "Stokes Valley" this Friday against the British brute known as "Jacob Cross".


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Corey Dallas has been nominated for Breakout Star of 2009 this is evident in his change from the nice boy he was in 2008, to the hard hitting man he became at Power Play 6, whilst JC Star picked up a nomination for Tag Team of the year after he and Travis Banks outlasted 3 teams to become New Zealand Tag Team Champions.


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NZWPW Heavyweight Champion D-Hoya is headed for a collision course with former champion Rufguts Roddy Gunn, but in the mean time he has been fighting his way through the rest of Project Mayhem defeating Johnny Idol at Bringing Down the House, he is now up against the always unpredictable James Shaw.