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By: New Zealand Wide  06-Dec-2011

Former New Zealand Heavywieght Champion D-Hoya has been involved in an altercation earlier this week and will be unable to compete at Heretaunga Takedown.

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New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling stars feature in the NZPWI Peoples choice awards for 2009. NZWPW learnt today that no less than 15 NZWPW Stars have been nominated for this years Peoples Choice Awards.

Amoungst the nominees is a wrestler who has struck a cord with the younger members of NZWPW Fans. Mikey Rave, and with his outstanding performances against the likes of Teh Nerd, Chad Howard and Travis Banks it is not hard to see how he earned his nomination.

Another wrestler, who found himself nominated for more than 1 accolaide is current New Zealand Heavyweight Champion. Rufguts, Rufguts has found himself on the end of a huge year which saw him smash his way to the top of the NZWPW ladder and capture the coveted New Zealand Heavyweight Title from D-Hoya at the Movember show.

Also of note is NZWPW Rookie Travis Banks who found himself not only collecting a nomination for Debutant of the year, but also found himself in the running for Wrestler of the year. This is a huge achievement in itself as a Debutant has never been nominated for Wrestler of the year in the 3 years the Peoples Choice awards have been run.

This has certainly been a year for the lesser known members of the NZWPW locker room with our Debutants taking 5 of the 7 nominations in that category. With alot of the more senior wrestlers being left off the list. Corey Dallas has been nominated for Breakout Star of 2009 this is evident in his change from the nice boy he was in 2008, to the hard hitting man he became at Power Play 6, whilst JC Star picked up a nomination for Tag Team of the year after he and Travis Banks outlasted 3 teams to become New Zealand Tag Team Champions.

With her disgust at her placement of third last year Misty is determined to prove she is the most dominant female in New Zealand wrestling but with the likes of Mel Caprice and Stellar Hammer in the mix she might find this year her hardest yet.

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- NZWPW on Maori TV -

NZWPW will be appearing on Maori Television Tomorrow.

7:30pm - Te Kaea

Maori television visited Hetoa Combat Zone today to find out more about NZWPW's Fundraising efforts for the Ray Barret Whanau.

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NZWPW have heard word from NZWPW hopeful Hoax.

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NZWPW Colossus 2007 DVD Available Now, visit.

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New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling would like to thank all the NZWPW fans, friends and famillies for their ongoing support and dedication; we would also like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a very "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy New Year".

See you in 2009  

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Misty and Rehua from NZWPW ventured to Australia’s PWA for back-to-back nights of wrestling.

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I (Martin Stirling) hereby issue a challenge to the chosen wrestlers from NZPWI's recent honours list of the "Top Ten Wrestlers" in New Zealand to participate in a tournament in Wellington to be hosted by NZWPW; during this tournament a new voting panel will be formed to create a new Top Ten Wrestlers honours list.


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Travis has had plenty of opportunities to defeat Rufguts" Says the CWO Rehua "So if he can't get it done this weekend, then he's not getting another one. Shining Nick Silver is a veteran of New Zealand wrestling and was the first co-holder of the NZWPW Tag team titles with Silencer Jon Miracle back in 2007. The NZWPW giant will be battling it out in his home town of "Stokes Valley" this Friday against the British brute known as "Jacob Cross".


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The main event at Over The Top this Friday will feature 20 wrestlers from NZWPW, IPW and SCW in an over the top rope rumble match, with the winner receiving a main event spot at Powerplay. NZWPW's own Ben Mana and Shining Nick Silver once again head to Surfers Paradise in Australia to take on the countries best Sumo wrestlers at this years 2011 Oceana Sumo Competitions. NZWPW wishes them the best of luck on their journey.


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NZWPW Heavyweight Champion D-Hoya is headed for a collision course with former champion Rufguts Roddy Gunn, but in the mean time he has been fighting his way through the rest of Project Mayhem defeating Johnny Idol at Bringing Down the House, he is now up against the always unpredictable James Shaw.