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New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling ends their Regional tour in Stokes Valley and Porirua this weekend.

The NZWPW giant (Tykade) will be battling it out in his home town of "Stokes Valley" this Friday against the British brute known as "Jacob Cross". 

"I don't care that he is a former champion" says Cross "All it means is that he can be beaten, because he's not just facing me; he's facing the British empire" 

Although Tykade has never faced Cross before, he has sworn that he will bring home the victory in Stokes valley.  Corey Dallas will also be in action this Friday against his former comrade "Rufguts Roddy Gun".  Guts ejected Dallas from Project Mayhem last week and now Dallas is ready to settle the score.

This Saturday; Porirua will see a clash of two of WPW's top wrestlers "D-Hoya & JCStar".  Hoya won a number one contendership at this years "Over The Top" earning a match against "Rufguts Roddy Gun" at Powerplay, and now that JC Star has cashed in his Right 2 Challenge win and injected himself into the title match, Hoya and JC have now been put at odds, therefore; the C.W.O Rehua has decided that the WPW Tag titles will not be contended for in Porirua as previously mentioned, but instead the titles will be battled for at a later show of his choosing.

Stokes Valley Card

  • Teh Nerd Vs Scravenge

  • Mikey Rave Vs Osiris

  • Tykade Vs Jacob Cross

  • Corey Dallas Vs Rufguts Roddy Gunn

  • Mikey Rave/Kid Mystique Vs Circus of Tragedy (Scravenge/Osiris)

Porirua Card

  • Paul (The Natural) Sayers Vs Johnny Idol
  • Shining Nick Silver Vs Ben Mana
  • Kid Mystique Vs Rufguts Roddy Gunn
  • J.C Star Vs D-Hoya

Card subject to change.....

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The NZWPW tour kicks off this weekend at Maungaraki (Friday) and Wainuiomata (Saturday) with wrestlers from both NZWPW and IPW in attendance...WPW Chairman (Martin Stirling) has chosen Maungaraki as the starting point for the tour and promises that it could be the beginning of many tours to come. 

The slightly deranged James Shaw wants to put an end to Ben Mana this weekend and has told WPW that he will do what ever it takes to defeat the Maori Warrior, but before he gets a shot at Mana he must first go through the young lions of WPW; namely Mikey Rave and Kidd Mystique  in a Triple threat match, especially now that James Shaw has become the newest member of Project Mayhem.

Fresh back from their American and Canadian tour "The One Vinny Dunn and Jon EKing" have requested another shot at the WPW roster which the CWO (Rehua) has agreed to, therefore; Vinny Dunn will put against Corey Dallas and Jon E King will have to battle it out with WPW's own man mountain "Tykade"

It may also be the final chance that Travis Banks will get at Rufguts and the WPW Title.

"Travis has had plenty of opportunities to defeat Rufguts" Says the CWO Rehua "So if he can't get it done this weekend, then he's not getting another one! so Travis better win, however; if Travis was to lose.... it may not be the end for him.... as I may have use for Travis somewhere else?" 

Card so far: Maungaraki

  • Mikey Rave vs James Shaw vs Kidd Mystique
  • Tykade vs Jon E King
  • Corey Dallas vs Vinny Dunn
  • Rufguts vs Travis Banks  

Card so far: Wainuiomata

  • Osiris vs D-Hoya
  • Nick Silver vs Jacob Cross
  • Ben Mana vs James Shaw (Best out of three falls)
  • J.C Star vs Johnny Idol

Full cards to be released soon.

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The C.W.O. (Rehua) has been in discussions with the SCW Commissioner (Big Al) and the "Southern Championship Wrestling Management", and can now confirm that SCWs very own Italian Stallion "Sammy V" has been accepted to attend the "Lance Storm TrainingAcademy" in Canada and will be joining WPWs own "Shining Nick Silver" for the opportunity of a life time to train with the former WWE great!

Because of this great news NZWPW will have a fortnightly diary (commencing in September) on our website with updates and news of their time spent in Canada.  

Shining Nick Silver is a veteran of New Zealand wrestling and was the first co-holder of the NZWPW Tag team titles with Silencer Jon Miracle back in 2007. He is a stunt man, is keen advocate for New Zealand Wrestling and has a desire to get NZ wrestling out to the mainstream audience.

Sammy V is only new to the wrestling scene, but has always had a love of it. He trained in rugby and boxing and came across SCW earlier in the year. Even though he has only had two matches, his time spent in Canada will no doubt give him the edge he wants to improve greatly in the sport and hopes to one day to make a living from it. His first goal he has upon his return is to win the SCW title.

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NZWPW’s Rufguts, Travis Banks and Tykade are on their way to Beijing, China, where they will represent New Zealand in sumo wrestling at the World Combat Games.

All three men will be in Beijing for one week competing against the best sumo wrestlers in the world, looking to return to New Zealand victorious in their respective weight divisions.

The World Combat Games were established in March, 2009, and feature 80 competitors from around the world in each discipline.

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C.W.O Statement:

"I know that many fans were caught off guard by the events that transpired at Saturday night's Rival Turf show in Auckland, all I can say is that Team WPW were only acting on Mine and Dion's orders, and if any of the IPW roster and/or fans are still upset about the outcome; then just remember this..

It Was Only Business!"

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Former NZWPW tag team champion Ben Mana will be travelling to the Gold Coast in Australia next week with NZWPW Chairman Martin Stirling to train with some of Australia's top Sumo wrestlers in preparation for the "World Combat Games" in Beijing, China next month, but as a special surprise Martin Stirling has arranged for Ben Mana to meet one of the worlds greatest Sumo wrestlers ever: " AKEBONO". Akebono (Originally born in Hawaii) has made a name for himself all over the world for Sumo wrestling, but his skills have even helped him to step into the WWE wrestling ring against the Big Show in a Sumo style match at "Wrestlemania 21".  But the surprises do not stop there for Ben; due to Ben Mana's big win over former NZWPW Heavyweight Champion (Adam Avalanche) at Powerplay last month; the C.W.O of New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling (Rehua) has also decided to reward Ben Mana with his first Australian match of his career at PWAQ next week on July 17th in the Gold Coast.  This could be a sign of great things to come for the Maori warrior.

Ben Mana will have his hands full at PWA Queensland this weekend, as the C.W.O. (Rehua) has not only placed him in a "Fatal Four Way Match" against Mark Davis, Esteban Molina and the current PWAQ Champion D Star, but the Fatal Four Way will also be for the PWA Queensland Championship. Will Mana fall to the more experienced wrestlers or will he be the first wrestler in NZWPW to hold the PWAQ Heavyweight Title, quite possibly being the biggest match of title?

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The CWO has announced that NZWPW will be touring in August.

The first stop will be in Lower Hutt at the Horticultural Hall (right next to the Town Hall on Laings Rd)
on Friday the 13th of August.

The second stop of the tour is in Palmerston North at Queen Elizabeth College, Rangitikei St on
Saturday August the 14th and then on to the third and final stop they will head to the
Hastings Sports Arena, Railway Rd on the 21st of August.

Doors will open at 7pm and the action starts at 7:30pm.

Tickets - Adults $15 and Children $10


August 13th - Lower Hutt Horticultural Hall

Tickets available from The Sports Den, Queens Drive, Lower Hutt.

August 14th - Palmerston North Queen Elizabeth College

Tickets available from the Palmerston North i-site.

August 21st - Hastings Sport Arena

Tickets available from the Hastings i-site.


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NZWPW will be rewarding one of its members with the opportuinity to train at one of the worlds best training facilities under the tutorledge of WCW, ECW and WWE Legend Lance Storm.

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We (NZWPW) would like to relay to the wrestling fans who are still awaiting news on Chris Masters that: It has not been confirmed or denied regarding Chris Masters return to the WWE, but we can inform you all that you'll know when we know.

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Credit to David Dunn at 

“The Masterpiece” Chris Masters leaves New Zealand with a victory tonight after forcing Rufguts to submit to the Master Lock in the main event of NZWPW Power Play 6!

asters had the crowd firmly behind him as he took to the ring to wrestle his first match in the country. A little intimidated by the overwhelming response, Rufguts took a seat in the front row and left Adam Avalanche to begin the match with “The Masterpiece.”The two locked up in centre ring before Masters strained himself trying to lift the hefty Avalanche. Not fazed by the momentary setback, Masters instead tried for the Master Lock and sent Adam Avalanche rushing to the safety of the ropes.

Rufguts inadvertently pulled the top rope down as he climbed back into the ring, causing Avalanche to spill to the floor as Masters whipped him into the ropes. It didn’t take long for “The Masterpiece” to have Rufguts in position for the Master Lock, but Avalanche hurried into the ring and hit Masters with a low blow (legal in a triple threat) to keep the match alive.Masters steadied himself in the corner and soon had both Rufguts and Avalanche crash into him with massive body splashes. A brief pose-off took place between Avalanche and Rufguts, mocking Masters, before the two began to argue over who would pin the dazed Chris. Avalanche and Rufguts broke each others covers on Masters until they began trading right hands, while “The Masterpiece” rolled out of the ring for a breather.Adam Avalanche caught Rufguts with the Wave of the Avalanche and went for an immediate cover, only to have Rufguts bridge out of the pin, much to everyone’s surprise. Chris Masters tried to re-enter the ring but was knocked off the apron and into the front row as both Avalanche and Rufguts rushed to cut him off.NZWPW’s big men set about squashing each other into the canvas with some devastating splashes in the corner and then on the mat. Taking their eye off Masters proved to be their undoing though, as “The Masterpiece” rolled back into the ring with Avalanche down and pummelled Rufguts in the corner. Ten punches later and the Master Lock was executed perfectly, leaving Rufguts no choice but to tap out!After the match, Masters headed into the crowd to celebrate with the fans only to have Adam Avalanche demand he return to the ring. Avalanche tried to get a handshake from Masters as he hadn’t been defeated by “The Masterpiece.” Masters polled the crowd on what he should do, and when they responded unfavourably to the idea of shaking Adam’s hand, he continued to celebrate with them and left Avalanche fuming in the ring. NZWPW Power Play 6 Results:

·El Montana def. Axl
In a battle of luchadore vs. lucifer, the luchadore came out on top when Axl’s evil side got the better of him. After Axl set about gaining every advantage he could with illegal chokes and even going so far as to knock referee Roneel to the canvas, he turned his attention to one of the turnbuckle covers. Undoing the pad proved to be Axl’s undoing though, as he missed a splash in the corner and thus drove his own chest into the steel. El Montana rolled him up shortly afterward.

·The Nerd def. Travis Banks
The Nerd was able to get one up on Travis Banks thanks to a handful of tights. Banks broke Nerd’s braces as he pinged them at the start of the match, but needed to pay more attention to his own pants when he had a cross-face submission rolled up on him, with The Nerd holding Travis’ tights behind the referee’s back to secure his win.

·Misty & MacBeth def. Matariki & Carmella
Seeing no-one from either IPW or KPW in attendance, Misty declared herself the most dominant female wrestler in the country before Matariki, MacBeth and a debuting Carmella made their way to the ring to question her. Teams were soon formed and an impromptu tag match began, which saw Misty dominate all three of the other wrestlers - tagging MacBeth in with a slap to the face. Referee Roneel struggled to maintain control but finally forced Carmella and MacBeth to the outside, leaving Misty to mangle Matariki with the Misty Makeover and walk away victorious.

·NZWPW Tag Team Championship:
Ben Mana & Tyakde def. “Dream Catcher” Phil Woodgate & O’Siris (c) w/ Axl
Despite their best efforts, The Circus of Tragedy came up short in their first defence as the official NZWPW Tag Team Champions. Axl (dressed as a member of the crowd) blindsided Tykade before the match and dragged him backstage, leaving Ben Mana to wrestle a handicap match on his own. Tykade shook off the cobwebs and made his way to the ring mid match though, where he was tagged in and took out the Circus one by one. In the end Ben Mana planted “Dream Catcher” with the Mana Slam as Tykade nailed O’Siris, the legal man, with the Game Over to make he and Mana the new NZWPW Tag Team Champions!

·CD def. Dan “The Man” Stirling
Stirling’s kickboxing style proved to be no match for the wrestling skill of CD, who took the match to the ground early on and kept it there when he unleashed his silent elbows on Dan. Stirling fought his way back to his feet and scooped up CD for the Dan Driver, but knocked down the referee in the process. With no-one to count the pin for him, Dan got nailed with a low blow from CD, followed by the Sack to bring an end to the match.

·NZWPW Championship:
D-Hoya (c) def. JC Star
With all eyes on them, D-Hoya and JC Star delivered a highly competitive bout for the NZWPW Championship. Star kicked out of the Eclipse, while a frantic string of finisher attempts led to JC nailing D-Hoya with the Starstruck Superkick and getting a near fall following a moonsault, the champ retained after hitting the End of Da World on Star in the middle of the ring.

·“The Masterpiece” Chris Masters def. Adam Avalanche and Rufguts
In a match that threatened to break the ring at times, Avalanche, Masters and Rufguts gave each other everything they had, resulting in some massive collisions. Rufguts got swept up in the Wave of the Avalanche but managed to bridge his way out just in time to avoid being pinned. Chris Masters leaves New Zealand with the big win though, after swooping in when Avalanche was down to force Rufguts to tap out to the one and only Master Lock.

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I (Martin Stirling) hereby issue a challenge to the chosen wrestlers from NZPWI's recent honours list of the "Top Ten Wrestlers" in New Zealand to participate in a tournament in Wellington to be hosted by NZWPW; during this tournament a new voting panel will be formed to create a new Top Ten Wrestlers honours list.


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Corey Dallas has been nominated for Breakout Star of 2009 this is evident in his change from the nice boy he was in 2008, to the hard hitting man he became at Power Play 6, whilst JC Star picked up a nomination for Tag Team of the year after he and Travis Banks outlasted 3 teams to become New Zealand Tag Team Champions.


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The main event at Over The Top this Friday will feature 20 wrestlers from NZWPW, IPW and SCW in an over the top rope rumble match, with the winner receiving a main event spot at Powerplay. NZWPW's own Ben Mana and Shining Nick Silver once again head to Surfers Paradise in Australia to take on the countries best Sumo wrestlers at this years 2011 Oceana Sumo Competitions. NZWPW wishes them the best of luck on their journey.


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NZWPW Heavyweight Champion D-Hoya is headed for a collision course with former champion Rufguts Roddy Gunn, but in the mean time he has been fighting his way through the rest of Project Mayhem defeating Johnny Idol at Bringing Down the House, he is now up against the always unpredictable James Shaw.