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The Chairmans Challenge

NZWPW Chairman and Wrestling promoter Martin Stirling has issued a statement over the recent NZPWI's Top Ten NZ Wrestler rankings

I (Martin Stirling) hereby issue a challenge to the chosen wrestlers from NZPWI's recent honours list of the "Top Ten Wrestlers" in New Zealand to participate in a tournament in Wellington to be hosted by NZWPW; during this tournament a new voting panel will be formed to create a new Top Ten Wrestlers honours list.

Tournament rules

1. Two representatives from each participating promotion will be selected

2. Four audience members will be randomly chosen at the tournament to also sit on the panel

3. If any of the invited wrestlers are unable to attend then the wrestlers from NZWPW will fill the vacant spots

This newly formed panel will be transparent and fair as I believe that an accurate account could not be ascertained from the previous panel as they were not in attendance at every show and due to the "Panel Confidentiality  Rule" we do not know who was on the panel and if the selection that was made was completely un-bias.

If any of the other promotions would like to run their own Top Ten Tournament then NZWPW will definitely be happy to support.

Kua Takoto Te Manuka - The Challenge Has Been Issued


Martin Stirling - NZWPW Chairman

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NZWPW.CO.NZ was informed earlier tonight that after a heated exchange between the CWO and NZWPW Chairman Martin Stirling, the CWO released the following statement.

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New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling's top female wrestler (Misty) has gone on the rampage claiming that IPW's "Brittany" and KPW's "Hollie" were not deserving of the placings they received in the latest "NZPWI's People's Choice Awards".

It's a complete joke! say's Misty No other female in any promotion is as experienced or skilled as me! I've been wrestling for two years now and I've had over twenty five fights and have been involved in over forty shows!

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NZWPW will be performing at this year's Te Ra o te Raukura festival on Sunday, February 1. NZWPW have a long history with Te Ra o te Raukura - holding their second ever show at the festival with several big names making their debuts, including IPW Champion “The Deal” Dal Knox and KPW Champion H-Flame. This year will see another historic card with NZWPW Champion D-Hoya in action against one-half of the NZWPW Tag Team Champions, Adam Avalanche.

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The Weekend of February 13th
He Toa Sports, Ava Railway Station Petone, 04 9392503

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NZWPW will feature this week and next week on Maori Television's "Te Kaea" to help endorse NZWPW wrestler "Misty" for her invitation to PWWA.  It will screen both this week and next.

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New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling Management is proud to announce that NZWPW Diva "Misty" has been invited to compete at the "Pro Women's Wrestling Alliance Bout" in Sydney Australia. 

This is the first time any NZWPW wrestler has been invited to compete at a PWA tournament.  NZWPW are hoping that this will be the first in many unions between the two promotions. 

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Stratos - 9PM Thursday

Triangle - 11PM Thursday

This weeks episode includes action from the opening stages of the NZWPW New Zealand Heavyweight Title Chase. Shining Nick Silver squares of against his long running opponent Dan the man Stirling, Cam Owens and Infinity square of to see who can qualify to advance to the tournament, and finally both Jimmy Sparx and Ben Mana, who have already been entered in the quarters fight for their respective place in the semi's.

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Last Thursday night Invasion premiered on Triangle Wellington, dispite technical difficulties with one of our cameras the show still went ahead. The first show saw three great matches from the Wainuiomata leg of the Invasion tour.

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Travis has had plenty of opportunities to defeat Rufguts" Says the CWO Rehua "So if he can't get it done this weekend, then he's not getting another one. Shining Nick Silver is a veteran of New Zealand wrestling and was the first co-holder of the NZWPW Tag team titles with Silencer Jon Miracle back in 2007. The NZWPW giant will be battling it out in his home town of "Stokes Valley" this Friday against the British brute known as "Jacob Cross".


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Corey Dallas has been nominated for Breakout Star of 2009 this is evident in his change from the nice boy he was in 2008, to the hard hitting man he became at Power Play 6, whilst JC Star picked up a nomination for Tag Team of the year after he and Travis Banks outlasted 3 teams to become New Zealand Tag Team Champions.


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The main event at Over The Top this Friday will feature 20 wrestlers from NZWPW, IPW and SCW in an over the top rope rumble match, with the winner receiving a main event spot at Powerplay. NZWPW's own Ben Mana and Shining Nick Silver once again head to Surfers Paradise in Australia to take on the countries best Sumo wrestlers at this years 2011 Oceana Sumo Competitions. NZWPW wishes them the best of luck on their journey.


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NZWPW Heavyweight Champion D-Hoya is headed for a collision course with former champion Rufguts Roddy Gunn, but in the mean time he has been fighting his way through the rest of Project Mayhem defeating Johnny Idol at Bringing Down the House, he is now up against the always unpredictable James Shaw.