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By: New Zealand Drag Racing Association  05-Apr-2012
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To All NZDRA Members                                     

15th March 2012

As has been the belief from the beginning, the issues within drag racing have been about the control and governance of our sport. To give a rundown of what is on offer to the members moving forward:

Presently the sport is governed by the NZDRA Executive Board (6 members) with a Drivers Committee (13 members). All of these are voted on by you, the members, democratically. Another Committee within the constitution is open to all tracks/promoters, and this is the Events Committee. The members of this committee are selected automatically because they manage racing facilities or promote events.

A proposal for an NZDRA Board restructure given to MotorSport NZ (MSNZ) by four of the seven current track managers/event promoters is; 4 track/promoter representatives appointed (not elected) by the tracks/promoters, and 4 Drivers representatives, selected from the Drivers Representative Committee (who ARE elected by the members). This is 2 Track/Promoters and 2 Drivers Representatives less than the old constitution. We have heard MSNZ rejected the restructure proposal but do not have this in writing, so cannot substantiate it.

A third option has come to light very recently and this is; MSNZ take over control and governance of Drag Racing in New Zealand. With the dissension within circuit racing at the moment and their lack of knowledge of drag racing, this would not be in the best interests of the sport.

Of these 4 tracks/promoters, Fram Autolite, Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club, Masterton Motorplex, and Top Fuel Enterprises, only Fram and Pegasus are presently operating outside the NZDRA sanction. Masterton with the exception of a one-off event this April on the aerodrome has no track until a new facility is built.

Top Fuel Enterprises (TFE), previously operating events at Taupo Motorsport Park (TMP), are negotiating with TMP for a way forward, but have ceased operating on the venue at this time. However, NZDRA with their own promoter, are able to facilitate events at TMP regardless of the outcome between TFE & TMP.

Of the three options above;

MSNZ can see the revenue benefits of our membership numbers. They (of their own admittance) know nothing of our sport and are likely to hand the day to day operations back to the tracks – with fees.

The tracks by removing the present governance (NZDRA) will do what they please. They did not like NZDRA applying pressure to them to meet appropriate criteria at the National Series events, ensuring value to Spectators, Sponsors, and Racers. The tracks/promoters have never attempted to use the Events Committee system as is set up in the current constitution (the Drivers Committee system is working very well).

For the past three years, the NZDRA has tried to raise the profile of the sport at a national level, and in spite of opposition from the 4 main tracks, the sport was on a positive, upward direction. A higher profile will result in more sponsorship and spectators, increasing income for the tracks/promoters, and reducing racers costs.

At this point in time, neither MSNZ nor the 4 main tracks have consulted with the other 3 regional tracks/promoters, who are content with governance by the NZDRA, your association.

So, the options available to the NZDRA members are;

·                  NZDRA; Stay with your elected Board to continue with the strategic plan implemented three years ago,

·                  Allow the tracks to take control of the sport under the guise of equal representation,

·                  Allow MSNZ to take over the sport and fit it within their governance.

The Board urges all members to have their say by completing the attached form (with any comments) on whom they believe should govern their sport for the benefit of all, and returning it the NZDRA Executive.

If you wish to know more, please call any of the Board, we are more than willing to discuss any aspects of the current situation.

The Board,


Keywords: Drag Racing, Racing Association, Records

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