Freedom To Be | Sofia Minson Oil Painting

By: New Zealand Artwork  05-Apr-2012
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Original Oil Painting - $15,000

1070 x 1780mm, oil on canvas, 2011

This oil portrait of New Zealand musician Tiki Taane with painted face moko brings clearly to view the connection he forges between himself and his whakapapa. The painting’s title “Freedom To Be” refers to his 2011 song “Freedom To Sing”.  Sofia says “as a fellow artist I admire Tiki coming out with such an inspirational song.  It shows he’s overcome recent legal issues and media attention with even more creative power than ever. In this painting he proudly wears his moko, an outward sign of his inner growth and resilience."

Minson's mixed Maori (Ngati Porou), Swedish, English and Irish ancestry has sparked her interest in how we relate to the culture of our ancestors in a contemporary world. Taane has worn his moko previously as artwork: inspired by C.F. Goldie portraits, he presents himself with full facial moko on the cover of his Past, Present, Future album.

Interview with Tiki Taane on Ta Moko:

1. How was the decision made to have you wearing Ta Moko for your album Past, Present, Future?
Seeing as the album was delving into my story of understanding my whakapapa, I wanted the artwork & especially the cover to be similar to a Goldie portrait.

2. Who designed your moko?
Inia Taylor from Mokoink, who has tattooed a lot of me & also my mum, drew the moko based upon my whakapapa, new & old. We made the prosthetic moko for the video Tangaroa in which I play the roll of my Tipuna.

3. Would you ever get a permanent full-face moko?
Yes, the moko that we designed will be the one I will eventually wear, but that will be in many years. Like DNA, it is mine & mine only. My son & his sons will be the only people who could wear that moko.

4. What does moko mean to you?
One of the biggest reminders for me to keep on pushing, are my Moko & Tattoos. Everyday I have to carry these signs with pride, through the judgement, to never forget who I am & where I have come from, for that sets the foundation of where I am heading.

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