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By: New-tech Imports  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Lighting, Led Lighting, Led Lights

New-Tech offers professional advice to help you choose the best lighting solution for your business and/or home.

LED lights come in different formats and concepts and we offer a full service for the following options:

  • establish lighting plans for existing lighting system and LED lighting needs
  • offer a range of completed light fittings
  • work with existing light fittings and adapt them to LED lights
  • offer a range of plain light sources for customers to create their own lighting solutions
  • work out energy savings using LED lighting over existing light sources.

  • LED arena lighting in overseas Indoor tennis hall (top left image)
  • LED arena light panels replacing Fluro tubes in recessed ceiling lights (middle left image)
  • Led floodlight replacing High bay light in a warehouse (bottom left image)
  • More projects to come..

Keywords: Existing Light, Led Lighting, Led Lights, Light Fittings, Lighting, Lighting Solutions,

Other products and services from New-tech Imports


Flexible LED Strips - New Tech Imports

Flexible LED lighting is available in many different formats. Illuminating of bent objects, edgings and sign writing. Multi colour applications using RGB controllers. Lengths vary from 10 centimetres to 5 metres.


Fluorescent tube replacement / Profilight

Come in a range of colour temperatures, from cold white to warm orange white. Profilight is a perfect replacement for Fluorescent lights.


Lightbars - New Tech Imports

LED light fields offer great flexibility for lighting solutions in almost any situation from small 0.5 watt applications to 100 watt light and streetlight applications. Lightbars offer all the advantages LED lighting brings with it such as: savings in energy. Can create 360 degree lighting by joining bars back to back or in any other configuration.


Light Bulb Replacement - New Tech Imports

Complete LED light fittings from small to large lumen ratings are also available. Led Bulbs with E27 fittings are available to fit your existing light fittings. The MR16 light is a perfect replacement for the 12VDC halogen spot light. There are some very good bulb replacement options coming up. Watch this space for new developments.


Room Light - New Tech Imports

Remember - here too we enjoy the benefits of LED lighting - low cost, low heat, extended life expectancy 50,000 hours and more. Light measurements will ensure the right light gets to the right place therefore reducing wasted lighting of unwanted areas. Room light requires total flexibility in terms of direction allowing us to light up the right object. LED's can be supplied offering different lighting angles 30—120 degrees.