netStep PRODUCT: nsCafeAccounts

By: Netstep  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Internet Cafe, Credit Accounts

Cafe is a pc-based product designed for managing and running Internet caf├ęs. It accurately times and charges multiple user workstations and offers flexible pricing for multiple customer groups. If you have ended up here by clicking on Activate Accounts look .

Who is this product for?

nsCafe is for internet cafes. It can manage anything from one to 100s of machines and is very strong in cafes where staff help the customers.

Why was it developed?

nsCafe was one of the first products of it kind and continues to be a leading product in the industry. It was developed to make managing an Internet cafe with more than a few machines possible and to free staff from time keeping to allow them to spend time helping and supporting customers.

Key features and the benefits:

  • Accurately times and charges multiple workstations
  • Customisable levels of security and passwords -> meaning less supervision is required and that the network is not going to be compromised.
  • Provides real time information to customers and mangers on time and charge
  • Allows users to manage their own sessions
  • It links to netStep meaning customers can see their usage and run debit or credit accounts with the cafe.
  • Highly Customisable -> The option of many price rates that can change over time, coupled with external price table files and many other features make the netStep Manager suitable for every internet cafe on the planet
  • Time Group Adjustment -> You are able to change the time or price group of any workstation at any time. Great if you need to move customers to different workstations or if they choose the wrong price rate.
  • Crash Resistance -> If a client workstation crashes the timer will stay running on the manager and the client will pick that back up on re boot. The clients also remember their time if the management machine crashes.
  • Attractive Interface -> Graphically designed client interface for the customers and a clean efficient interface for the managers
  • Web Based Cafe Statistics -> Your cafe transaction information is displayed in custom made graphs through the netStep Secure Web Server. Only you can view or download your information.
  • Suggestions and Feedback -> Built in feedback window allows you to easily send suggestions, feedback or bug reports directly to the developers.


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Keywords: Credit Accounts, Internet Cafe

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