Dedicated server hosting and colocation :: Wellington New Zealand :: Netspace Services Limited

By: Netspace  05-Apr-2012

Netspace is a specialised server hosting (collocation or co-location) and server management company based in Wellington, New Zealand. Whether you need a single self-managed dedicated server or a complex hosting arrangement with multiple managed servers, disaster recovery and leased circuits, we have the experience and people to help you.

Netspace Services Limited has purpose built server hosting and management facilities. Our facilities were specified and constructed to the highest international standard.

We have gone to a lot of effort to ensure we are supplying the highest standard of physical and network security. Hosting isn't a tack-on to our other ISP services - we have no other ISP services!! We focus on providing excellent hosting at a reasonable price.

Our standard plans include services that will suffice for most organisations, and have optional extras for more critical applications. We provide full, half and quarter racks, as well as space by the rack unit in shared racks and housing for standard tower servers. If you need hardware as well we can lease that to you as part of a complete package. We host servers that supply services to the Internet, and servers that are connected directly to customer WANs - and sometimes both.