Netfleet talks domain names with Netregistry by David Lye

By: Netregistry  06-Dec-2011
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Some of things to consider when looking at a domain for your website are memorability, will people if they see the domain name, will they remember it when they get back to their computers to look for your business? The other things to look at are things such as, is it easy to spell? If it's a domain name that's easy to misspell then you could potentially lose a lot of traffic that your hard earned advertising dollars have tried to bring to your site.

Similarly you need to look at the extension, and that's what comes after the domain name itself. Dot biz for example might not suggest as much credibility as some others. Does it match the marketing that you're trying to reach? For example in Australia dot au is truly king.

Truly poweful domain name has to match your business. Ideally it says exactly what you do in a short succinct fashion. Generic domain names are best because they tend to do that, tell you what the compant does but also they've got inherent value - that can be important if your venture doesn't work out. You can potentially resell it at a later date.

The best domains names that you can get are called category killer domains and their domains that actually define a whole industry, so not just your business but lets you own the space. Domains such as or - not only is nobody going to forget that, it positions the website behind it as the authority in that area.

The domain name aftermarket is where you can actually buy and sell domain names. It's a realatively new concept and industy and it's only been available in Australia for 2 years. So people are finding that if they have a domain name that they no longer have a need for they can actually put it up for sale and another company, another business can come along and purchase it from them.

There are also speculators in there, people who have expressly invested in domain names with a view of selling them on for a profit.

If the domain name you have chosen in the first place is generic it has inherent value so you don't have to just let it expire and go to waste. If you look hard, and looking on the aftermarket is the first port of call, you may well be able to find a buyer for that domain name.

So you can recoup some of those loses or in some circumstances make money on the whole transaction.

Well the Netregistry customers, if they are considering acquiring a new domain name they should certaintly give the aftermarket a look before they go ahead and hand register a domain name. Often the difference in purchases prices is not that great. You might spend 50 dollars to register a domain name, for a few hundred dollars you might be able to get a domain name that's significantly more valuable. A couple of hundred dollars now, could well, with a well chosen domain name could literally save you thousands year in and year out for the life of that domain name.

Well Netfleet is the largest domain aftermarket on the web for Australian domain names. We've specifically focused only on Australia domain names, and so our marketing is Australian and our sellers are Australian.

We actually had a very large sale settle last week, adn that was a domain, so that sold for 22 thousand dollars. Again the buyers has bought that looking at the search terms, the keywords, looking at how it defines exactly what they do and I have no doubt that once they develop a website around that domain name that money will be made back many times over within the first couple of years.

But aside from that, there are a lot of smaller sales that happen everyday on Netfleet. We all get excited with these tens of thousands of dollars but often simply spending 300 dollars rather than your standard registration fee can make a whole heap fo different to a business. So there's plenty of small businesses, medium businesses spending a few hundred dollars to secure what's ultimately their address on the internet.

My number one domain name tip is not to compromise, whether you're hand registering a domain or buying a domain, just make sure it fits your business. You really only get one chance at this. One way to look at it is compare it with the real world. If you're setting up a shop for example, you can spend thousands of dollars setting up a beautiful shop. a lovely shop front, you've got a great product - but you're not going to put that shop in some back alley where nobody drives by.

Buying a quality domain name is putting yourself on the map, putting your shop, your website right smack in the middle of high street. So, you're going to have customers comming through, seeing your shop which is your great website, seeing your great product and then hopefully buying.

Keywords: Domain Name, Domain Names