Visual Mining Solutions for Your Role/Function: Product Manager

By: Visual Mining  06-Dec-2011

Successful Product Managers from Fortune 500 and Start-up Organizations Have Something in Common..

They All Rely on NetCharts to Increase Product Value.

Looking to breathe new life into older applications—without increasing development costs? Want to make sure the new product you’re announcing includes award-winning, world-class business intelligence dashboards and data visualization capabilities? We can help.

The NetCharts Product Family provides a unique depth and breadth of products to address your product goals and roadmap plans. From visual component libraries to dashboard solutions, you can integrate compelling visualizations and analysis into your products quickly and easily.  

 Choosing NetCharts, product managers receive the following additional benefits:

  • Increased product line revenue
  • Enhanced competitive advantage
  • Zero upfront development costs
  • Proven integration advice, support and services
  • Award-winning graphic libraries and business intelligence dashboards

Flexible licensing and pricing to match your go-to-market strategy, as well as integration support and services, gives you more than just award-winning software— you have a true partner in Visual Mining.

Other products and services from Visual Mining


Visual Mining Solutions for Your Role/Function: Developer

NetCharts products support an extensive list of data sources that include common databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, and enterprise applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM, and many file formats, such as Microsoft Excel, CSV and XML files.


Visual Mining Support Services

Visual Mining Product Support Plans are an easy and effective way to secure continual ROI from your NetCharts dashboard, scorecard, business intelligence or data visualization solutions.


Visual Mining Solutions for Your Role/Function: Finance and Accounting Professional

With NetCharts Performance Dashboards , finance and accounting can take control and bring General Ledger, HR, Payroll, and even CRM data together for a single, central version of the truth. Financial teams spend far too many hours pulling, collecting, copying and assembling data for reports—and not enough time analyzing the data and providing value back to the business.


Visual Mining for Your Software Applications

With NCPD, you can easily connect to any of the main modules of Dynamics (i.e., General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Purchase Order Processing, etc.) so you spend less time copying, pasting and assembling data—and more time analyzing the data, and providing feedback and direction to your business.


Register for a Complimentary, Private 30-Minute Solution Session and NetCharts Demo

In a private, one-on-one setting we’ll answer your toughest business intelligence dashboard and data visualization questions, and you’ll learn a little more about one of our NetCharts Products. Be assured, with more than 14 years proven experience, our team will help advise you on the best possible solution for your data visualization challenges.