ThinkShop: thinking skills resources Morphing Into Adolescence

By: Thinkshop  05-Apr-2012

Morphing into Adolescence advanced version, is another thoroughly-crafted Inquiry Learning through Concepts book. Considers opposites such as acceptance vs rebellion; fads vs fashions; timid vs bold.

A couple of samples of the Big Ideas: There are both internal and external factors that influence how we change; Mental and physical health both affect a person's well-being;.. and more. The Essential Questions ask "deep thinking" and provocative questions such as, "What would happen if we didn't change?"; "What factors influence whether a teen feels comfortable or uncomfortable in various situations?"

As with all of this series, the book is also packed with ready-to-go graphic thinker, assessment, suggested resources including a 'hook', and a full set of Prior Knowledge cards to get your students started!

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