thinking skills resources Secrets of the Teenage Brain

By: Thinkshop  05-Apr-2012

SECOND edition of a highly popular book! Teenagers can be mystifying to educators and parents, exhibiting a daunting array of characteristics: emotional, forgetful and fond of risk-taking. What are they really thinking? What is the best way to reach them?

The revised and expanded edition of this hands-on guide helps unlock these secrets by explaining the biological and neurological changes happening in the teenage brain.

Organised around specific areas of adolescent development, this resource is packed with fresh instructional strategies that can be modified and adapted to various content areas.Enjoy!

REVIEWS: "This book explains almost all of the 'headshaking' frustrations educators express about teens. Educators will enjoy discovering that there is a biological reason for the behaviors and attitudes that teens demonstrate. They will also appreciate the practical and down-to-earth suggestions to help students find school more appealing." (Kathy Tritz-Rhodes, Principal )

"As a parent, I found myself applying this information to understand my own children´┐Żs behavior better. The neurological content coverage is based on very current functional MRI brain science that is being used and understood for the first time. It is an exciting time with the promise of substantially more new information for many years to come. Feinstein presents complex information in an accessible manner with the tone of a real person who has worked with real teenagers." (Judy Filkins, Math and Science Curriculum Coordinator )

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