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By: Seniornet Nelson  05-Apr-2012

This is a free session.  Learn about the hardware that runs computers.

Wednesday 18th April at 2 p.m. is the date of the next Club Monthly Meeting.

Come along to hear an interesting speaker and participate in  discussion time.

Our annual visit from SeniorNet Federation's CEO Grant Sidaway is eagerly awaited. 
Grant always has a fascinating presentation for us with the latest exciting technical
information presented in an entertaining way.  Come early for a good seat! 

Stay for a social cup of tea.  Don't forget bring & buy (see below) 

Visitors are most welcome!

 At Club Day:

Buys, Sell, Swap or Wanted

Club Day is your chance to acquire, offer for sale, give away or exchange any digital hardware that may be cluttering up your home.

Do you have any phones, printers, cameras, DVD recorders, computers or parts of digital equipment that may be of no further use to you? It could be useful to another SeniorNet Member.  Maybe you have a spare drive, stick of RAM, network cable or USB extension?   Chances are that someone else could use it - for mutual benefit.
Or could another member have something that you really need?

Club Days now include the opportunity for you to bring along items to display for sale or exchange.

A table will be placed in the hall along the sliding door to the Athletic rooms for the display of items.

Label your items with your name, phone number and prices required and bring them along to the sales table no later than a quarter to two.

Selling will be suspended by 1.55pm so that everyone is ready to start the meeting at 2pm.  The best time to browse and discuss things will be after the meeting ends.

All items are to be removed   at the end of the day.    Nothing may be left in the hall or Learning Centre.

 next meets on Friday 27th April
We will have a tour of private gardens near Saxton Fields and we hope to catch the old trees in autumn colours.

Members are meanwhile invited to share images on this month's theme:

Creative Effects

These are open meetings: all SeniorNet members and potential members are welcome to attend.

Nelson Botanical Society holds Coprosma workshop at The Learning Centre

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Hence the SeniorNet courses have been wonderful as I have learnt aboutcomputer processes in an orderly way and have filled in the vast gaps in my knowledge as well as learning some new tricks.The course manuals are a great resource and I often refer back to them e.g. whenmaking a text box. We like helping people to make the most of their computers, and we are rewarded by the excellent progress members make when they are prepared to practise.


SeniorNet Federation News

There is no direct funding from NZTA to run these courses but the resources can be used free of charge if charges for Staying Safe workshops are for your time, the venue, refreshments, photocopying etc, and not for profit. The Federation will be working on the recommendations detailed in the report but overall we can all be proud of the findings in particular the high value that communities place on the work done at our Learning Centres.


Help and practice sessions

The next Help Session, because Easter Friday is a Holiday, has been rescheduledto Friday 30th March in the Hall from 2.30pm until 4.30pm The following one is on 20th April. It is also an opportunity to practise your computer skills on the Learning Centre's computers. Help and Practice is from 2.30 to 4.30 p.m. on the first and third Friday of the month. It's a FREE problem-solving and practice session for current financial members.