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By: Sean Walker Design  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Concept Drawings

The Design Process

Client consultations and the development of a Design Brief lead to the preparation of Concept Drawings.  I find that a good and thorough design brief is the best starting point, and is often a very informative process for all concerned.

The Design Brief amalgamates your specific instructions with site information and involves researching Title, Council records and any site specific conditions. 

Once a Concept Design has been defined any relevant Resource Consent or Planning issues are identified.  

Detailed design then follows with full client consultation to establish requirements.   An engineer will be involved at this stage if specific structural design is required.

Then follows the Building Consent Application and Working Drawings with full Specification Details as required by Council.

The time taken to process a Building Consent is rarely less than twenty working days, and may take considerably longer, depending on the level of complexity of the project. 

Changes made after the consent is issued, during the process of building, may need to be documented and the Working Drawings and Specifications amended accordingly at the Council.

Building supervision by arrangement.


Each project is unique. 

Fees are structured into stages:

Stage One
  • Develop Design Brief in consultation with the client
  • Research background issues relevant to design
  • Preparation of Concept Drawing
Stage Two
  • Detailing Plans and confirming measurements
  • Survey may be required at this stage
  • If necessary this may also include Resource Consent and Project Information Memorandum (P.I.M, a preliminary process by Council identifying the requirements of the project prior to Building Consent processing)
Stage Three
  • Preparation of a full set of Working Drawings as required by Council
  • Preparation of full Specifications as required by Council
  • Submission of Building Consent Application
  • Responding to Council requests for additional information
  • Uplifting Plans when approved by Council
Stage Four
  • Building Supervision (by arrangement)
  • Preparing additional information for Council covering changes made to original Plans during the building process (if required)

Keywords: Concept Drawings