By: Rh Gallery  05-Apr-2012


Darryn George – Atua

Raewyn Atkinson – Fiat Lux

Chris Charteris and Niki Hastings McFall – Now and Then

Christine Boswijk – Before Words $5.00


Preview ‘Sticky” Philip Jarvis, Madeleine Child, Tracy Duncan and Peter Burton

Elizabeth Thomson, Chan Woollaston and Richard Merrifield

Elizabeth Thomson

Julie Catchpole, Melissa Williams, Jeff Thomson and Patrick Massey

Pauline Eville and Dick Frizzell

Liz Kiddle, Jude and Dick Frizzell and Ed Kiddle

Linda Sciascia, Des Salmon , Darryn George and Peter Burton

Darryn George and Peter Burton

In his chunky new book, Brown’s snap-shot gives the collector an invaluable tool by highlighting who is on the rise, who will become the next big thing and whose work should be bought now before prices skyrocket. It’s also a great reference for people wanting to find out what’s happening in the art scene around the country at the moment.

Seen this Century – out just ahead of May’s Auckland Art Fair –Warwick Brown has audaciously come up with an up-to-the-minute list of the 100 “ones to watch” to have emerged in our contemporary art scene throughout the country since the turn of this century.

A great photograph will draw powerful responses, unlock past histories and personal experiences and foster reflection, inducing our ability to relive and talk about them to others.

In the black and white photographs of Tim Greenhough we observe the artist’s interest in the interplay between the familiar, but otherwise very static and inanimate objects.

By encouraging us to look at the ordinary, we gain a level of intimacy and identity with these objects which renders them personal and reflective rather than isolated and detached.

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012